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Candybooru image #9756, tagged with Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) commission parody


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Paulo Tailz as John Rambo Jr. in Son of Rambo. Rated R, starts Friday at a theater near you.

Perfect background music for this drawing:

Awesome drawing Taeshi.

SCD 4 years ago.

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So cool! Very well done; how did you do it?

Juan_Pablo 4 years ago.

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^He commisioned it from Taeshi at AX...

DaniYellAtU 4 years ago.

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It actually made me think of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the short intromovie of that game:
(Start watching from 0.34 ;))

Selef 4 years ago.

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I should comment only after reading all comments before. Still really cool drawing.

Juan_Pablo 4 years ago.