10. Gone Fishing, original chapter posted 6/20/11

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Aquarium guide: … Sharks originally came from the earliest fish that developed pectoral and pelvic fins… … These fins were attached to limb girdles which are supporting structures made of cartilage and bone… … Paired fins offer more control of body movement while tail fins give greater thrust allowing them to catch prey… [unintelligible squiggles]
*As the aquarium guide drones on, Lucy gazes up at the fish tank with an uneasy expression. In Lucy’s arms, Yashy reaches for the fish excitedly.*

*Lucy and Yashy glance over their shoulders.*

*Paulo taps on the glass behind them. Yashy has a big smile on her face, while Lucy looks worried.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Whoo hooooo, it’s another book-exclusive chapter that has now made its way to the website!! I really liked this chapter and felt sad you could only get it if you purchased the book. (Though if you did purchase the book, thank you so much~!!!! You’re all awesome!!)

But it’s here now for EVERYONE to see!!!

Anyway, let’s explore some of Lucy’s lesser-talked-about traumas.

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