11. Pep Rally, original chapter posted 6/16/06

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*Mike and Lucy walk in the hallway together. Katie walks past them.*
Mike: ..?

*Mike raises an eyebrow.*
Mike: Hey, why are the cheerleaders in uniform today?
Lucy: Didn’t you know?

Lucy: Today’s the pep rally.
*Mike flinches, terrified.*
Mike: ERK!!

Yashy: What’s wrong with him? Why’s he frozen?

*Paulo appears in the background, giving a thumbs up.*
Paulo: Isn’t it obvious? He’s excited about all them chicks in miniskirts~ ♥

*David pops in.*
David: Is that how he gets when he’s “excited”?
Yashy: There’s only one person who can answer that~!
*Lucy blushes with a ticked off look.*

*David pokes an unresponsive Mike. Lucy steps on Yashy’s head.*

*David holds his hand to his face.*
David: That sounded like a nut cracking.
Mike: Oh, true.
*Lucy grumpily looks to the side.*
Lucy: Hi again, Mike.

*Lucy sneers at Mike, who panics.*
Lucy: Done with your depraved little fantasies..?
Mike: What?! No!! Don’t get the wrong idea!!

Paulo: So what are you, gay?
*Mike narrows his eyes.*
Mike: Guh.
*David smugly smiles.*
David: Taste the rainbow

*Mike wails.*
Mike: I just can’t stand pep rallies!!
Yashy: Why’s that?

Paulo: Didn’t you hear us? He’s too gay!
*Mike growls at Paulo.*

Poodle teacher: Alright, kids! It’s time for the pep rally!! Get to the gym right NOW!

*Mike shakes Lucy’s shoulder.*
Mike: Lucy, help me escaaaape!
Lucy: It’s not gonna be as easy as last year!

*Lucy pouts.*
Lucy: Besides, it’s not a big deal. Better than class, right?
*Mike makes a determined pose.*
Mike: Well you go on ahead, but I’ll be heading home!

*Mike puts his hands on Lucy’s shoulders, kneeling slightly.*
Mike: God bless you, young warrior. Your courage inspires me.

*Mike dashes through a crowd of students.*

*Lucy rolls her eyes, smiling to herself.*
Lucy: Drama queen.

Author commentary

Veronica: Pep rallies! What an exciting time! I barely remember them these days, but I assure you that they were VERY important!!

And loud, don’t forget loud.

Which doesn’t sound too pleasant for our sensitive little protagonist!!

Oliver: For those who don’t know, a pep rally is a kind of rah-rah school gathering where everybody cheers on the sports teams. I barely understood! But now I do. I think I’d wanna skip it too.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #32879

be the rainbow, taste the rainbow… the rainbow tastes good doesn’t it…

Cuddle Bear May 31, 2010, 8:18 PM EDT.

Comment ID #100152

“Drama Queen”

cats4ever98 October 4, 2010, 7:18 PM EDT.

Comment ID #205740

i think i know why mike doesn’t like pep rallies. all those girls their and their fangirlyness over mike… i think you can see why he want’s to escape. fangirl wave >.>

maxwell January 15, 2012, 11:38 PM EST.

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