10. Gone Fishing, original chapter posted 6/20/11

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*Mike holds Daisy close, whispering in her ear.*
Mike: Don’t take her seriously, okay?
*Daisy frowns, holding her hands to her mouth, blushing.*
*Paulo and David walk off the bus. Paulo stretches his arms out and grins widely.*
Paulo: WHOO!! Gettin’ back in time for early dismissal!

*A teacher approaches with a smile on her face.*
Poodle teacher: Yes, all students will be free to leave once they turn in their completed worksheets!

*Paulo’s joy turns to horror.*

*He runs over to Daisy, shoving Mike out of the way, making puppy dog eyes at her.*

*Mike lays on the ground, wincing and rubbing at his head where Paulo pushed him. Daisy and Paulo walk away together.*
Daisy: Of course, Paulo, but you have to think about the answers this time. At the cafeteria, okay?
*Paulo frowns.*
Paulo: Huh, FINE.

*Disgruntled, Mike stares at them as they leave.*

*He notices a hand being offered to him.*

*Lucy, looking a little embarrassed, stretches her hand out to help Mike up.*

*Mike takes Lucy’s hand, smiling.*
Mike: Guess we all deserve a little help sometimes, right?

*Lucy smiles back.*

*She presses her foot against Mike’s face, laughing and pulling her hand away.*
Lucy: Maybe not if you’re gonna say corny stuff like that!!
Mike: Ugh!

Author commentary

Veronica: Bonding through bad experiences, can you hear wedding bells????

Anyway, that’s all!!! A pretty chill chapter that sets a few questions up that will answered in time!

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