11. Pep Rally, original chapter posted 6/16/06

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*Mike peeks around the corner.*

*A teacher restrains a student.*
Cat teacher: Thought you could just sneak out like that, huh?
Random student: Oh, c’mon..
Cat teacher: Back to the gym, now.

Cat teacher: We’re being extra-careful with errant kids like you.
Mike (thinking): Crap.
Random student: waughhh..

*Mike, pressed with his back to the wall, looks to the side.*
Mike (thinking): I don’t hear anyone.. Looks like the coast is clear?

Mike (thinking): Time to get out of here..
*Mike dashes out of frame.*

Mike (thinking): First exit, first exit..

*A gust of wind from Mike running lifts up Flower Girl’s dress.*
Mike: SORRY!!
Flower Girl: YEEK!!
*David scowls.*
David: For SHAME!

*Mike notices something.*
Mike: !

*Mike slides behind a trash can.*

*Two students walk past the trash can while Mike peers out from the side.*
Passerby 1: Hey friend, how do you like tattling on people?
Passerby 2: I do it for sport!

*Mike continues running for the exit.*
Mike (thinking): That’s the exit! I’m almost there!

*Mike stares at a pair of double doors.*
Mike (thinking): There it is!!!

*Mike dives out of the door, smiling peacefully as he glides through the air.*

*Mike lands in the arms of a teacher.*

*The teacher, with a gruff expression on his face, cradles Mike.*
Pug teacher:
Mike: … Ahh, where’s the restroom?

*Mike is back in the audience of the pep rally, sitting beside Lucy and Yashy.*
Lucy: Welcome back?
*Yashy sings to herself.*
Yashy: Too fast for the naked eye~♪

Author commentary

Veronica: I am still amused at the poster in the first panel. I always like when I have a chance to put some goofy posters on the wall, some easter eggs old readers appreciated. Though it’s not really an easter egg if it’s just there right in front of you, right?

Some notable background characters in this page, including the debut of the mysterious and wonderful flower girl!!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

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Alexyoshida May 5, 2010, 11:08 PM EDT.

Comment ID #180351

I hate loud noises too, but you don’t see me complaining Furious Abbey

Different Adam September 4, 2011, 1:53 AM EDT.

Comment ID #205741

just goes to show you that when victory is so close, the jaws of defeat clamp down hard. :P

max January 15, 2012, 11:40 PM EST.

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