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*Mike looks up, terrified.*
Mike: It hasn’t even started yet?
*Lucy sticks out her tongue, looking sick.*
Lucy: I’m getting a headache.

Yashy: Hey, Flea? Why’s this pep rally such a big deal to you, anyway?

Yashy: I know it’s boring, but isn’t school just like that?
*Lucy gets more and more uncomfortable.*

[Lucy narrates a small flashback.]
Lucy (narrating): It’d be cool if we could escape and get home early like last year, but they’re being way stricter this time around.
*Mike and Lucy frolic outside the school.*
Lucy: Whoo!
Mike: Freedom!

[Back to the current moment.]
Yashy: You got cheer phobia or something?

Mike: Not exactly. It’s really just because of--

Band: And let’s begin! A-one and a-two and…
*Mike’s face falls.*
Mike: .. Oh no.
Yashy: Huh?

*The background fills with loud band sounds. Mike seizes up.*
Lucy: ?

*Mike clings to Lucy.*
*Yashy yells.*
Yashy: What’s wrong with you?!

*Mike covers his ears.*
*Yashy sweatdrops.*
Yashy: Sounds fine to me.

*The cheerleaders begin to perform.*
Crowd: YAY!
Crowd: WHOOO!
Crowd: It’s starting!

*Smiling, Daisy turns back to address the band.*
Daisy: Okay, we’re ready to begin!
Conductor: Okay!

*Daisy walks out into the open, waving her arms.*
Daisy: Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us for this year’s FINAL pep rally!
*Katie scowls in the background.*
Katie: Like, showoff

*Mike faints onto Lucy.*
Daisy: There’s so much planned for today! Amazing stunts, fun games, and lots of LOUD music! So put your hands together and welcome…

Daisy: Roseville Middle School’s Cheerleader Squad~!!
David: OH YES!
Paulo: WHOO!

[A giant sign covers the panel with the text “Insert provocative dance routines here”.]

*The cheerleaders raise their arms as confetti falls.*
Crowd: YAYYYY!!
Crowd: WHOO!!
Cheerleaders: TAD DAH!!

*David and Paulo have nosebleeds.*
Paulo: Absolutely fantastic.
David: I’m dizzy from the blood loss.
*Mike remains collapsed on Lucy.*
Mike: so.. loud..
Lucy: oh my
Paulo: That’s just the power of love~! ♥

Author commentary

Veronica: In the original version of this page, Lucy asked Mike what was bothering him, which seemed very silly to me because, come on, she’s known him for so many years! Of course she’d know he’s sensitive to sound! It is literally something they coulda bonded over, given she’s deaf in one ear!

I made it so Yashy asked the question instead, since I can see her overlooking things like that. She gets to be the reader stand-in for now.

I also feel like because Lucy is half-deaf, she’d be too busy getting disoriented by all the sounds around her. The background would be too noisy and chaotic for her to be able to properly focus. We’re all suffering here!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #88695

I don’t get the bloody noses. I have seen Much more provocative things then that and I never started leaking. Actually, I think it clears the sinuses, like spicy Mexican food or the punch of wasabi.


So-&-So September 9, 2010, 1:57 AM EDT.

Comment ID #140086

That, my friend, is the love beard.
And so is Amaya

GoodBurger January 1, 2011, 5:46 PM EST.

Comment ID #212146

Ha ha! Korats are sensitive to noise!

SBA March 19, 2012, 3:45 AM EDT.

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