24. Wardrobe Malfunction, original chapter posted 9/25/06

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*Paulo sneezes.*
Paulo: Ah.. AHCHOO!!

*Paulo sniffles, looking wobbly. Lucy stands beside him, stretching.*
Lucy: That sounds bad.
[An arrow, pointed to Lucy: doing warm ups]

*Daisy looks at Paulo, sympathetically.*
Daisy: It’s probably just the change of weather..
*Paulo groans.*
Paulo: Ughh..

*Mike appears, looking serious. He’s not wearing his scarf.*
Mike: Should we get you to the nurse?
*Paulo turns, offended.*
Paulo: Geez! One sneeze and suddenly I’m a hospital patient?!

*A long string of snot drips from Paulo’s nose.*
Paulo: I’m fine, guys.. R-really..

*Daisy stares at Paulo, looking uncomfortable. Lucy continues stretching, unfazed.*
Daisy: Eww..

Daisy: So yucky..
*Daisy turns away in disgust and covers her mouth. Paulo yells at her.*

*The gym teacher appears, looking annoyed.*
Gym teacher: C’mon, kids. Finish those warm-ups so we can actually START for today!

*Daisy squints one eye open at Paulo, partially looking away from him, waving her hand dismissively.*
Daisy: Could you at least.. wipe your face? It’s making me sick..
*Paulo frowns.*
Paulo: Thanks for your concern.

*Mike stands next to Paulo, humming. Paulo absentmindedly reaches his hand toward Mike, trying to grab at his scarf.*
Paulo: (cough) (cough)

*Mike watches a butterfly. Paulo tries to grab the scarf again, but his hand waves through the air.*
Paulo: ..?

*Mike smiles at the butterfly. Paulo looks over, wide-eyed.*

*Paulo points at Mike, looking distraught.*
Paulo: OHMYGOD!!
*Mike covers his face and hunches over.*
Mike: Aughh, what?!

Paulo: Your scarf! It’s gone!!!
*Mike raises an eyebrow.*
Mike: So?

Mike: I haven’t worn it all week and you only noticed it NOW?!
*Paulo hesitates.*
Paulo: Just weird, is all!

Paulo: Why aren’t you wearing your scarf?
*Mike looks angry.*
Mike: You and those girls totally ruined it when you ganged up on me, rememb--

*Mike twitches.*
Mike: Hey.. wait a minute..

*Mike, glaring, gets up close to Paulo’s face.*
Mike: So you’ve been using it to WIPE YOUR SNOT?!
*Paulo smiles innocently and holds up his hands in the air.*
Paulo: Ahah..

Author commentary

Veronica: Daisy is quite a squeamish girl, I don’t blame her. I’m incredibly squeamish as well! I can’t deal with seeing any liquids that come out of humans, makes me want to throw up :( Seeing a snotty person sneeze is the stuff of nightmares to me

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Reader comments

Comment ID #183579

Paulo stop using Mikie’s scarf as your own tissue XD

Lucy & mikie foreva September 29, 2011, 10:55 PM EDT.

Comment ID #224742

Hmm, who knew that Mike’s scarf was a snot rag :unsure:

o_o August 6, 2012, 11:09 PM EDT.

Comment ID #259818

Bwwhahaaaaa ;)

Shadow September 18, 2013, 11:20 PM EDT.

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