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Comment ID #216755

Paulo’s father is cool. :)
He was also cool in the flashback/daydream comic.
It is a shame Paulo is known for his irresponsibleness rather than his friendliness and kindness. Its interesting that he keeps doing retarded and dumb things, he seems better than that. But he for some reason tries to play the bad-guy role a lot and that makes it harder for people to accept him as a shoulder to cry on.

The Guy in the Background May 18, 2012, 6:36 AM EST.

Comment ID #216839

I think what Paulo and Jazz have is the relationship of that as close friends/brother and sister rather than lovers. I would like them to realize this before anything happens. As I think they would be great friends and actually better off that way, I mean he’s not really done much romantically with Jazz. But he likes to take care of her and make her happy, I think that counts for something. Paulo isn’t deceiving Jazz entirely, I think he does genuinely care deeply for her, but is confused by those feelings…

Bear in mind, Paulo was taught that in order to get a girls attention, you had to chase and bug them in an overconfident manner. For the longest time he did that to cover up his fear of talking to girls. Which ultimately led to the whole situation with Jessica and Rachel. It’s only recently he’s truly realized that his actions actually repelled the original girl of his affections away from him and isn’t the way to go. Outside Daisy, Jazz is maybe the first girl Paulo hasn’t really chased in that way. So it’s clear he respects her on the same level he respects Daisy, Tess and Lucy now at least.

People are weird in how they define good and bad, and people reading BCB should realize by now, that MOST characters have good intentions at hand. But they are teenagers, and lots of teenagers do very stupid things in their quest to mature and find their place in life. Sometimes they make bad life decisions, burn bridges that later they regret, and so on, so do adults, that doesn’t make them nasty pieces of work, they just messed up or made decisions that will shape where their lives go next. Paulo has hardly done anything wrong, but it’s easy at that age to confuse a close bond for love.

Jennytablina May 18, 2012, 8:05 PM EST.

Comment ID #216977

I suppose the main reason people ship PauloxLucy is because they both act so differently around each other. Paulo is a sensitive, nice, and supportive person, and Lucy is a somewhat-shy but almost painfully normal gal. It’s like their respective problems melt away around each other.

Paulo isn’t cheating, he’s just confused about his feelings. He likes Jazz but can’t spend much time with her, due to her busy stuff. He’s already said he might break up with her over that.

Jazzy and Paulo seem to have a kinda shallow but fun relationship, typical of a freshman and a sophmore. A lot of people seem to think this is unfair to Jazzy, since Paulo likes Lucy but still goes out with Jazz. But does Paulo like Lucy? And if he does, does he even know about it?

I mean, Paulo was never any great shakes at sensitivity. That was his fatal flaw, really. Lucy was tsundere to the logical extreme and also had major problems; Abbey has anger issues; Mike is a hardheaded, highhanded jerkface; and Paulo is insensitive. Insensitive people often have trouble deciphering their own feelings as well. Paulo probably doesn’t consciously see anything between him and Lucy… until recently, anyways.

That realization is probably gonna be the focus for this particular comic. What remains to be seen is, does Paulo like Lucy, can he realize he likes Lucy, will Jazzy and Paulo come together or break apart, and will Lucy get over her angst.

Fun times.

PS: I can’t believe I spent twenty minutes delivering a spiel on a cat comic. :nope:

Gunkillman May 21, 2012, 3:47 AM EST.

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