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Veronica: I wanted to put this scene in Ten Seconds to Midnight after everyone was freaking out about Mike’s scarf, but I totally forgot about it! I planned to draw it and integrate it into the old chapter, but now I guess it ends up here. I like Tess and Mike’s relationship, it’s kind of an amicable one that hasn’t been explored very much in the comic. They’re good friends.

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Reader comments

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Yeah, Sandy gets quality scarves. She can do that because she’s AWESOME. :D
…wait, I thought that other scarf from Tess was just a scarf she happened to have around…when did she go out and get him one? Or am I thinking of the wrong thing here?
Anyways, LOVE this page. It’s just kinda silly, what with Tess’ ‘I am upset’ face in the second to last panel, and Mike’s whole ‘oh god why is this happening’ and…EAHGH! :love:
Even better is that you just KNOW Tess is messing with him here in that last panel. It’s just like ‘Imma murder you! LOL just kidding!’ This whole thing’s just both adorable and hilarious! XD :love:

Oceanus92 July 25, 2013, 1:08 PM EDT.

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Man, I really have to say this chapter has some of the best expressions I’ve seen since this comic began with Lucy and Mike playing “Sonic Rider”.
Tess’s face on panel 7 seems to convey pain, as well as anger, judging by the way her face kind of pinches up. Then on panel 9 there is no color and Tess is giving him that thousand-mile-cold-as-the-artic stare, all of which is great.
Then on the last panel we see that Tess was just messing around with Mike. I am really enjoying this chapter so far, it has a fine balance between the heavy and the light stuff. I also enjoy how when things start to become really serious, it transitions to a nice light tone very smoothly.
Keep up the great work, Tae. Your ability to draw and script have come a long, good ways.

Blank On Purpose July 25, 2013, 2:33 PM EDT.

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@Smegirl (regarding the response to me):

No, but in real life getting strangled to the poitn where you can’t breath doesn’t make your head grow comically big or end with you just having dizzy-eyes. You need to learn to see the difference between real life and comic logic.

You’re applying real life logic to a situation in a comic that’s obviously implied to be taken in a cartoony way, much like how some of the Ask Roseville High pics have things that would hurt and be uncalled for in real life but are played for cartoony violence-style laughs here. You need to learn to differentiate when its appropriate to use real life logic and when is appropriate not to; in this case, it’s VERY obvious that it was designed to be a cartoony situation because Mike was not hurt from it AT ALL.

Deiser July 25, 2013, 7:29 PM EDT.

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