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    ArtisticKitten_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo, sketch

    ArtisticKitten_(Artist) Lucy Paulo sketch (612x816, 82.3KB)

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    There we go..
    Sorry for the bad photo quality..
    I'll probably end up redoing this digitally since I kinda like it, but I'm not sure when I'll have time...

    ArtisticKitten 1 week ago.


    delete_me (1000x750, 98.5KB)

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    Anialator 1 week ago.

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    rip in **** paulo

    NasalDiabetes 1 week ago.

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    Lucy is paying respect. Twice.

    Waldo 1 week ago.

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    abigblackdonut 1 week ago.

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    Lucy: “Mike is right, flipping off Paulo’s grave while on a dirt bike is the best way to pay respects to him.”

    SCD 1 week ago.

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    It is what he would have wanted.

    rusbus94 1 week ago.

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    F(ucking goddamnit.)

    Srs tho. This is pretty rad.

    Lotsaspaghetti 1 week ago.

    Mike, Themaninthetanjacket_(Artist)

    Mike Themaninthetanjacket_(Artist) (1157x938, 278.4KB)

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    Hey people I finally figured out how to make origami mike with all features including a tail total time folding was 1 hour

    Themaninthetanjacket 1 week ago.

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    I'm jealous of your patience.

    Waldo 1 week ago.

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    What patience :question:

    Themaninthetanjacket 1 week ago.

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    You've been spending a whole hour folding. I would've given up after ten minutes because I don't have the patience to stick with it.

    Waldo 1 week ago.

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    Well when folding your basically thinking of your outcome and the hardest part on the model and improvise from beginning and end and hope you started right oh and start with basic and move to advanced then stop reframing books and be like me or get as good as Robert j. Lang , all in all fold until dun or its bugger

    Themaninthetanjacket 1 week ago.

    David, HandSwords_(Artist)

    David HandSwords_(Artist) (524x562, 48.1KB)

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    i completely forgot about this david pic I drew who knows how long ago. . ???

    HandSwords 1 week ago.

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    David being sad is the worst thing ever oh my god.

    This is amazing.

    Yaschiri 1 week ago.

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    So sad, yet so adorable!

    Waldo 1 week ago.

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    Awww poor David ;_;........Paulo probably dead :)

    abigblackdonut 1 week ago.

    FlamingHairball_(Artist), Mike, MikexPaulo, Paulo

    FlamingHairball_(Artist) Mike MikexPaulo Paulo (646x431, 180.8KB)

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    I yearn for the day Mike trips over his scarf and gets it tangled around him and Paulo. Maybe in an alternate universe... :c

    cccviper653 1 week ago.

    Lucy, Mike, MikexSandy, Paulo, Quartzleo_(Artist), Sandy

    Lucy Mike MikexSandy Paulo Quartzleo_(Artist) Sandy (1000x1000, 392.2KB)

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    @Wilbur Because Paulo has feelings for Mike, too

    DravenDonovan 2 weeks ago.

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    My probably (definitely) not true theory for where this chapter is going: Sandy is visiting to break up with Mike in person. She is tired of being in a long distance relationship. Mike tells Paulo afterward, who buys him ice cream and comes over to his house. They end up making out.

    PatNat 2 weeks ago.

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    PatNat don't do that to my heart

    Anialator 1 week ago.

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    So cute!

    __noname__ 1 week ago.

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    Anialator, I may have found a solution we can both enjoy. Bear with me, I need to set the scene a bit before Sandy can reenter.

    Anyway, Mike and Paulo end up dating. Things are "pretty serious" by the time they graduate. Mike gets accepted to a small college in Maraschino that he liked because of the relative proximity to Roseville and because they had a good arts program. He was thinking of getting into photography. Paulo had decided not to go the college route, but he tagged along to Maraschino and he and Mike ended up living together.

    Paulo actually found an old diner for sale, and he bought it, and they moved in upstairs. (How could he possibly afford it, you ask? Let me avoid your question by asking another one. How could anyone in the hit 90's sitcom Friends afford their apartments?) While Mike was starting classes, Paulo was working on fixing up the diner. He had it up and running in a few weeks. Mike started working there as a waiter. He probably wore one of those flowery aprons. Very cute.

    Anyway, Sandy was still in Maraschino doing modelling, and Mike decided to reach out to her. Reconnect. As friends. Just as friends, he had a boyfriend after all. Paulo wasn't sure how he felt about that. He hadn't forgiven Sandy for breaking Mike's heart in high school, but apparently Mike had.

    "Long distance relationships are tough," Mike said. "She did what she had to do. Honestly she did me a favor. I never would have had the strength to end it. I was just sinking deeper and deeper into depression."

    "Plus we never would have ended up together," said Paulo.

    So Mike and Sandy met up for a lunch date. It was a bit awkward at first, but they found they actually had a lot to talk about. Sandy was enjoying modelling. She had a full schedule, but it was rewarding. She had dated a few men since the breakup, but nothing stuck. She was single. The lunch went by faster than it felt like it should have, and they found themselves saying their goodbyes. They promised to meet up again soon.

    Next week, Sandy came to the diner. Sandy had suggested going to see a movie, but Mike insisted she meet Paulo. Paulo was a bit standoffish at first, but Sandy knows how to charm people, and he soon warmed up to her. The three of them started hanging out about once a week, then a few times a week, then after a few months almost every day.

    Mike was worried. He was starting to redevelop feelings for Sandy that he had thought were gone forever. But he was still as in love with Paulo as ever. He didn't know what to do. It didn't help that every once in a while Paulo would make offhanded comments to him about how hot she was. He got flustered whenever Paulo said that, and he was worried he was starting to suspect something. But of course he didn't.

    Paulo was actually crushing on Sandy too, and was just as worried as Mike was about ruining what they had together. Telling Mike she was hot was his attempt at diffusing tension. It wasn't working. Paulo started to notice that Mike reactions were getting weirder and weirder. He was stuttering and blushing. Even Paulo couldn't ignore how suspicious that was.

    So they had a long conversation, and realized they were both crushing on Sandy. They talked about what it meant, and what to do about it. They decided to ask Sandy to join their relationship. They knew polyamory was a thing because Daisy, Abbey, and Augustus were in a relationship together, but neither of them had considered it for themselves before now. They resolved to ask Sandy about it tomorrow when she came over after modelling.

    Sandy came over the next day to hang out, but Mike and Paulo were acting... weird. They were acting weird and... nervous? She asked them what the hell was going on and why were they acting like that.

    Mike said, "Um, Paulo and I were wondering... Um, we were wondering—"

    "Do you want to be our girlfriend?" Paulo blurted.

    Sandy didn't know what to say. At first she thought they were kidding, but Mike wouldn't joke about this. Paulo maybe, but not Mike. And Mike was sitting there with an expectant look on his suddenly red face. Paulo looked terrified. Sandy had no idea either of them felt that way. She still didn't know what to say.

    "I don't know what to say," she said, her face starting to turn red also.

    "You don't have to make up your mind right now. I'm sure this is a lot to take in," said Mike. "And I probably would have chosen the word 'girlfriend' quite yet. I was thinking we would go on some dates, test the waters, you know."

    "Sure," she said, "Why not? It's been a while since I've dated. This is all just so sudden. I had no idea."

    "Awesome," said Paulo, "This is awesome. And you two are awesome. This is awesome."

    The three of them were all grins and giggles for the rest of the evening.

    PatNat 1 week ago.

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    Sorry to post a long, tangentially related fic on your pic, Quartzleo. Awesome picture, by the way.

    PatNat 1 week ago.

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    Wow, the premise of that post was just, what if mike kept that face throughout Sandy's visit, couldn't say it before bc I was dealing with some account things.

    Still, I really appreciate the speculation and fic this pic spawned.

    Quartzleo 1 week ago.

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    Wowza Pat, that was a post and a half! Any ending where characters end up happy regardless of relationship is the ending for me, I just think Mike and Sandy are both such dorks that they're great for each other. Big fan of polyships too so Paulo shaking thongs up would be neat. I gotta say tho:

    "They knew polyamory was a thing because Daisy, Abbey, and Augustus were in a relationship together"

    Oh man my sides at the idea of those two ever reconciling. Couldn't see Abbey working out his differences with Paulo, let alone Augustus.

    Anialator 1 week ago.

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    There's actually an entire four images under the AugustusxDaisyxAbbey tag.

    PatNat 1 week ago.

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    Looks at top of browser

    Nope, didn't somehow end up on NEAT!

    But maybe Sandy could just screw off in that story, like, she gets weirded out by the premise of having multiple partners and leaves forevs, letting mike and paulo live happily ever after in their diner. :3

    cccviper653 1 week ago.

    Box_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    Box_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo (600x1400, 484.2KB)

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    literally just posted this bc i like how i drew paulo's face

    Box 2 weeks ago.

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    Goes to show you how much Mike sucks

    SpaceMouse 2 weeks ago.

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    SirKnightAwesome 2 weeks ago.

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    look,,, at my kids,,,, i love them

    i, too, love how u drew paulo's face
    as well as mike's!!
    and look at lucy aaa

    TrappedLikeCats 2 weeks ago.

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    Mike’s grumpy face.. Paulo’s fluffy scruffyness.. that faded lucy…..


    Taeshi 2 weeks ago.

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    Love it, feed me more. *Disgusting slurping sounds*

    Kinroth 1 week ago.

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    Paulo's becoming more mature as time passes & Mike's becoming more insecure in regards to his relationship with Sandy.

    Funny how these things change.

    DeathofInk 1 week ago.

    edit, kiss, Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Skylinefaux_(Artist)

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Skylinefaux_(Artist) edit kiss (800x570, 189.1KB)

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    They're considered as people in the comic, so 9 months :P

    SkylineFaux 6 years ago.

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    como detesto esa parte del comic la mas que odio aborresco es mierda de chingadera y todas las maldiciones que se te ocurran

    Anonymous #1 6 years ago.

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    what a wonderful parent -.-

    TheDinosaursRevenge 6 years ago.

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    no- no- no comment 8D

    Anonymous #2 6 years ago.

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    Thats how I was born.

    Anonymous #3 6 years ago.

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    Anonymous #4 6 years ago.

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    missile pull out pull out XD

    Flicker 5 years ago.

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    This edit is the best I've seen in a while

    Kuro 4 years ago.

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    Amazing. So funny.. Oh so funny.. 8-) Mad Lucy

    Tom-the-Foxey 4 years ago.

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    i missed out on some gold

    Quartzleo 1 week ago.

    edit, Sandy, Skylinefaux_(Artist)

    Sandy Skylinefaux_(Artist) edit (730x198, 86.1KB)

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    Mike delivers long-distance satisfaction!

    happehface 6 years ago.

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    Suyi 6 years ago.

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    * RohanSpartan

    Anonymous #5 6 years ago.

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    FFFF lol

    Nikolaivodka 6 years ago.

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    Naughty naughty...

    Sandy: Maishul, I'm gonna hang up now. I want you to call right back, but I'm not gonna answer right away.
    Mike: *blushing* Uhh...Right, sure thing, Sandy.

    Anonymous #6 6 years ago.

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    NintendoSegaSonyGuy 5 years ago.

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    Luigifan 5 years ago.

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    Virtual 5 years ago.

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    HA.. HAHA.. HA.. HA.. OH MY GOD.. HA.. HAHAHAHAHA.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Oh.. Oh this is just to perfect.. XD

    Tom-the-Foxey 4 years ago.

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    And this is why Sandy doesn't answer any of Mike's calls anymore.

    Fatboychummy 1 week ago.

    edit, Gabriel_Kaxbe_(Artist), Haley, Mike, Mike's_mother

    Gabriel_Kaxbe_(Artist) Haley Mike Mike's_mother edit (500x361, 158.6KB)

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    nice edit but mike don't wear glasses
    he wear a summer.....

    please do not have any feeling of awkwardness in what i said

    regenful 6 years ago.

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    Wake up in the morning looking greener then Shrek, sleepin' in a ub can really mess up your neck!
    Before i leave i stop and vomit out tequila and glitter, it seems i'm spendin' every morning with mu head in the shi*

    Anonymous #7 6 years ago.

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    it may seens so if you don't counter my comment every morning

    regenful 6 years ago.

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    me thinks im not the only one hating you

    Anonymous #8 6 years ago.

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    Yup you're right!

    Anonymous #9 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #18388

    Oh God. That song. Catchy and annoying.

    Hoheh 6 years ago.

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    Someone edit this with Lucy instead of Mike.

    Fatboychummy 1 week ago.

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