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    haree2000_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy haree2000_(Artist) (800x600, 119.0KB)

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    DaniYellAtU 6 months ago.

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    This needs to be a reality

    Physics 6 months ago.

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    I ship it so hard.
    I'll say it again, your art is awesome!

    __noname__ 6 months ago.

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    Hehehe Thank you! :D
    For real! XD

    haree2000 6 months ago.

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    always love fantastic art for best ship eeeeeee

    PickYerPoison 6 months ago.

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    So well made! I love Paulo's expression here. #^_^#

    sherbery 2 weeks ago.

    JayGamer_(Artist), Mike, MikexSandy, Sandy

    JayGamer_(Artist) Mike MikexSandy Sandy (800x800, 723.7KB)

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    i am in love with the chapter and have decided to be completely ignorant to the potential bad ending that it will have!!!

    JayGamer 2 weeks ago.

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    leporibae 2 weeks ago.

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    Nice :)

    Wilbur 2 weeks ago.

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    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

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    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the designs are credited to box and their heart wrenching comic! Because they were adorable as all hell

    JayGamer 2 weeks ago.

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    this is so cute!! i really love how you color +o+/

    Box 2 weeks ago.

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    your skills is amazing.

    cabalmaster 2 weeks ago.

    Abbey, Paulo, Raxki_(Artist)

    Abbey Paulo Raxki_(Artist) (500x962, 263.9KB)

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    This is amazing.

    keronshb 2 weeks ago.

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    Awesome drawing.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

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    Haha, loving this

    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

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    fans of Dragon Balls love this lol

    cabalmaster 2 weeks ago.

    genderbended, Mike, Sandy, The_Mylestone_(Artist)

    Mike Sandy The_Mylestone_(Artist) genderbended (800x700, 190.7KB)

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    Michelle X Sanford?

    The_Mylestone 2 weeks ago.

    Sue, The_Mylestone_(Artist)

    Sue The_Mylestone_(Artist) (800x700, 127.0KB)

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    Yay for Sue!

    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

    Daisy, leporibae_(Artist)

    Daisy leporibae_(Artist) (839x709, 281.3KB)

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    lmao hey I made a thing? neat
    I've been reading this comic for nearly 8 years now and I've been on and off in the community (mostly off whoops)... like I think I've had 3 different account names on Candybooru, please kill me
    but yeah I'm just an annoying person so I've either been too scared to interact with anyone or my sensitive *** would get all upset when I didn't make friends or anything ;v; I'm sorry, I'm just idk
    ANYWAY I hope to be a little more active here now that I'm more grown up (A FRESH NEW ADULT COMIN IN TO COLLEGE HOT), and I kinda owe it to the site to do my best to bring somethin to the table since it's been such an inspiration to me :'0 actually one of the things I remember from all my old posts was I'd get all kinds of inspirational comments from Taeshi (the ULTIMATE senpai tbh) and that drove me to keep tryin!
    so here's a little redo of this thing I did: e_%28Artist%29
    uh?? enjoy????? I'm so sorry I'm terrible at making comments lmAO

    leporibae 3 weeks ago.

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    ah ur style is so bubbly i love this

    squigs 3 weeks ago.

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    aaaa rly rly cute!!!

    lullaby 3 weeks ago.

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    I request more Daisy in your style pls.

    Yaschiri 2 weeks ago.

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    AAH thank you guys so much for the kind comments! ;-; and all three of you are such wonderful artists to boot, I'm yellin-
    also I just. realized I forgot to color in some ruffles on her sleeves oh goD

    leporibae 2 weeks ago.

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    This... this is just super adorable. ;_; In both versions!! The colours are so soft and it's just lovely to look at in general!

    Can I just say that I really, really love your style? I will never get over how cute Daisy is in that dress. Ever. :unsure:

    Strawberryblossom 2 weeks ago.

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    I am incredibly flattered and stunned that you think I'm a good artist, oh gosh, thank you that's hella kind-

    Yaschiri 2 weeks ago.

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    Daisy looks so beautiful with those glasses!
    And the style! It's so cute!

    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

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    ....She is wearing glasses, right?

    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

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    omg thANK YOU ALL (again) I'M YELLIN <333333
    @Yaschiri don't be shy! it's just the truth >:3c
    @Waldo ye don't worry, she is! in the 2016 one at least, I can't remember what I was doin in the 2013 one, it such a hot mess omg

    leporibae 2 weeks ago.

    Daisy, JEMCIV_(Artist), meme, Mike, sketch

    Daisy JEMCIV_(Artist) Mike meme sketch (600x994, 155.7KB)

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    Hehe 8-)

    PepeLePew 2 weeks ago.

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    Miss Hedgey? I don't get it

    Wilbur 2 weeks ago.

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    Whahaha this is amazing
    If you don't understand the references you should spend more time [URL=]in the IRC[/URL].

    __noname__ 2 weeks ago.

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    Oops, seems like URL bbcode doesn't work, still though, go here

    __noname__ 2 weeks ago.

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    Hahaha, good one JEMCIV!

    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

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    Miss Hedgey is some MikexDaisy shipper?

    Wilbur 2 weeks ago.

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    4:28pm <SuitCase> misshedgey is a person in the chat and !misshedgey makes a bot in this chat spit out some text that uses misshedgey’s speech to synthesise a nonsense sentence. i guess the joke is that mike saying anything !misshedgey might say is toxic enough to repel daisy
    4:29pm <SuitCase> jemciv should have put this in the comment like i ASKED HIM TO

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

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    oh wait it's because the bot crashes because daisy (the irc bot is called daisy) crashed once while performing this command

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73324

    Such a poor explanation. Now the world will never know the truth. Silence was better, but now the ham is dropped and the legacy shall burn throughout BCB history for an entire half a day. This was our tale.

    MissH 2 weeks ago.

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    Sounds like that time my Mumble bot exploded when I was trying to get Text-To-Speech out of it.

    not_used 2 weeks ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Daisy, David, edit, Mike, MikexPaulo, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist), tagme

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Daisy David Mike MikexPaulo Sue Taeshi_(Artist) edit tagme (800x555, 594.4KB)

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    I wanted to try to do a page edit, so I finally did it and also made a Candybooru account. I hope you guys like it, I like seeing the page edits people make. I hope I tagged it correctly. :unsure:

    I've loved reading BCB for quite a while, I don't know why I didn't make a Candybooru account sooner, especially because I have some fanart sitting around in my art folder too xD

    Swiftily 2 months ago.

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    Favoriting because you flipped Abbey's mouth in the last panel

    gertok9 2 months ago.

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    This is awesome, I love this!

    __noname__ 2 months ago.

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    abigblackdonut 2 months ago.

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    Manuel8123 2 months ago.

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    I laughed aloud, thank you for thus.

    Yaschiri 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #72842

    This is genius!

    Waldo 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #73327

    "Stop cheating on Abbey!" xD
    ... but yeah, I am going through all chapters again (after two years, when I last read a BCB page... someone hit me please... ;______; ) and I was just on "Pillow Talk" this lunch, and wow, I did not remember that Daisy was even envying the attention Augustus was giving to Lucy. Oh, so many boy crushes, Daisy...

    Anyway, it is good to be back #^_^#
    ...I missed this so much :'D

    (By the way, before going through all the chapters again I restarted on chapter 80, and I already caught up to the last page~ help me! :´D)
    Also, there are achievements now? XD

    foggy_han 2 weeks ago.

    Mike, MikexPaulo, Paulo, Rory_(Artist)

    Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Rory_(Artist) (600x573, 276.9KB)

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    mostly just a dumb doodle i started at work but like
    has anyone noticed how fluffy mike is getting?? like on the newest page his head tufts are...mega fluff, wowie

    you'r're fckin gay polo shut your fcuk

    not sure if i should tag this as mikexpaulo because it's....NOT A PAIRING IMAGE exactly

    Rory 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73308

    5/5 gay polos 8-)

    abigblackdonut 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73309

    I love the expressions :D :)

    faune 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73310

    So much floof.

    Waldo 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73311

    He has to act gay, only gay guys get big in the modelling world and he wants to work with Sandy

    __noname__ 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73322

    That Mike face is priceless. 8-D

    Kinroth 2 weeks ago.

    kittens, Lucy, MikexLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Lucy MikexLucy Taeshi_(Artist) kittens (900x604, 44.9KB)

    Comment ID #73199

    i asked for the ending scene of Fork in the Road bc it was so bittersweet and i'm so happy with this............

    (Fork in the Road is a BCI comic so you should get a BCI membership and have your heart broken like me if you haven't already)

    PickYerPoison 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73203

    If this doesn't convince people to buy BCI then I don't know what will.

    __noname__ 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #73307

    Mikes dead?

    PepeLePew 2 weeks ago.

    1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 ... 911