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    Cutiekiyomi_(Artist), fancharacter, Lucy, Mike, parody, Paulo

    Cutiekiyomi_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo fancharacter parody (721x384, 29.2KB)

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    I dont own da last quote thatz from the MITRIX!!!!!

    cutiekiyomi 5 years ago.

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    MimiChan 5 years ago.

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    oh my god

    isabelle 5 years ago.

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    Miklo Neo, calm your tits boi.

    MaronaPossessed 5 years ago.

    Hexeana_(Artist), Sue

    Hexeana_(Artist) Sue (768x1024, 91.7KB)

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    Love it. I just love Sue. Probably because she is pretty much one of the single ones in the group :D

    Great work

    Jonas97face 5 years ago.

    Paulo, Striife_(Artist)

    Paulo Striife_(Artist) (900x1100, 187.6KB)

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    My friend asked me to draw Paulo so yeah a crappy looking doodle

    Striife 5 years ago.

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    i really like this :)

    1D 5 years ago.

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    God I can see his pervy plan taking place in his head and the way he's smiling :unsure:
    your drawing is still fabulous dahling :-*

    _sorry_girl_ 5 years ago.

    Mike, thejuicebox_(Artist)

    Mike thejuicebox_(Artist) (775x583, 333.8KB)

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    while secretly eating my gingerbread house i have come across a rainy mike

    thejuicebox 5 years ago.

    Hexeana_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy

    Hexeana_(Artist) Lucy Mike MikexLucy (1024x768, 88.0KB)

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    im just going to say it. big feet and foreheads. still a nice picture.

    bluefox 5 years ago.

    glassesrock_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy glassesrock_(Artist) (627x768, 59.3KB)

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    MaronaPossessed 5 years ago.

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    7 5 years ago.

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    friendship and independence

    imp 5 years ago.

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    A. Paulo or
    E. Robi

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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    i second the jessica notion

    isabelle 5 years ago.

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    obviously C lol hahahaha Carter rofl lmfao she should marry Carter hahahahha LOL hilarious

    cutiekiyomi 5 years ago.

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    Sandy. If Lucy manages to go to the same school as Sandy and become great friends with her, then that will throw a wrench in the master plan. (Also, that would leave Mike x Paulo as an option :smirk: ). Oh, and it'll be perfect because Lucy will actually have a really good friend with an obvious connection to her past. Anything can happen from there. :D

    Or Augustus... except it will have to happen vegas style because I can't see Augustus going through with it willing without any drinks in his system. Vegas... it is all fun and games until you end up married to somebody after having a few too many drinks. :P

    Supertails19 5 years ago.

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    Jonas97face 5 years ago.

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    D but its obviously going to be Paulo. The designs of their kids are obvious enough where this story will end up.

    EvilKitty3 5 years ago.

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    Unless Paulo gets himself together none of the above lol.

    Maxcine 5 years ago.

    fancharacter, Lucy, Rcrssmn_(Artist)

    Lucy Rcrssmn_(Artist) fancharacter (768x1024, 74.8KB)

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    i agree with anialator and another thing is the love interest doesn't show much or any originality since its the same design as mike but with two different colored eyes and a white spot over their eye and a blue collar.

    imp 5 years ago.

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    Robi isn't magically going to fix everything with love, storyline wise in BCB: Robi Files, a deeper background of Robi is going to be revealed, and it's at that point Lucy would start getting to know him, and eventually, with enough time given, which may be an upwards of a year and a half to two years, start considering him as a potential love interest. The concept for Robi's character is actually years in the making, I didn't start reading BCB until 2 months ago and with some tweaking, Robi could fit as a potential love interest.

    I'm sorry, but I would prefer any further concerns, comments, and questions to be sent to my tumblr since there isn't much of a notification system here

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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    imp, the color scheme on Robi isn't final, and originally he's black, but I used grey in the proposal since won't cover up the black easily

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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    I see why you would make Robi look like Mike this way Lucy is going to automatically be drawn to him.

    RickAstley 5 years ago.

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    Actually, the Original design he's black, and since yes he does look like Mike, I added onto him and I'm thinking about 3 different color schemes with the design

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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    The story your writing is not about Robi though, it's the story of Lucy at her new school. If you intend to make Robi one of.the main characters, best case scenario is the BCB readership won't be able to associate with the story. Worst case is that people will actually villanise this Robi character as a threat to their individual ships.

    What is the characters motivation for wanting to help this girl he has never met before? Why should the audience feel for the character, what trials is the character overcoming that makes the audience root for them ect.

    Considering that Lucy is the character that we would be reading the comic for, your primary concern needs to be how you show her growth as a character through the interactions of the many new people she will meet at a new school. Finally I'll say it again, please do not make a romantic interest for Lucy, be it Robi or any other character, especially if you wish for the.comic to bear any resemblance to plausible canon. No one likes a Liam.

    Anialator 5 years ago.

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    Anialator, you are reading way to much into the proposal picture, honestly for Robi's motivations you will have to wait and read it to find out and so far you and Imp are the only two that are saying that a LucyxRobi type of story is going to flop

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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    I was merely commenting on robi's design
    I love character development and design the most when it comes to art, each character is unique because it's crafted from the artist's imagination so having more freedom and creativity put into said character always makes me giddy.
    If i came off mean or rude than i apologize for that

    imp 5 years ago.

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    You weren't rude Imp, Actually I like your and Anialator's comments, they are actually helpful, Some time today I'll be uploading the new Robi design to tumblr and might put to vote which color scheme will be final. I'm considering keeping him grey and white but I'm finding it hard to decide once and for all

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

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    hey imp, check out the new designs, I uploaded them to my tumblr

    Rcrssmn 5 years ago.

    grumdark_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy grumdark_(Artist) (939x1050, 479.2KB)

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    Nice style, I like how you draw Paulo; their noses, however, seem a bit long for cats. I'm not saying it looks bad or anything, it's just that I think cats have shorter noses than dogs do; and it kinda stands out.

    Turanis 5 years ago.

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    those are nice expressions, especially paulo's smirk :)

    imp 5 years ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxSandy, human, Pirari_(Artist), Sandy

    Augustus AugustusxSandy Pirari_(Artist) Sandy human (791x458, 355.4KB)

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    *more subtle

    Pirari 6 years ago.

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    this is pretty hot

    flara 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #53934 aren't the first person to say that.
    That's all.
    thank you though :D

    Pirari 6 years ago.

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    I. want. this. to. happen. O MY GOD! :love: #^_^#

    timni15 6 years ago.

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    -Hops on the little floaty that is this ship-

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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    "go down" with the ship, huh

    SpaceMouse 6 years ago.

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    I've gone up with the ship IF YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING

    Anialator 6 years ago.

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    Oh my god!!!! :love: :love: :love:

    X_Rin_Kagamine_X 6 years ago.

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    Even though I know it will never happen, I'm more of a Agustus x Lucy sipper.
    But, this is really cute! :D I love the expression on Sandy's eyes! :)

    millymaculo 6 years ago.

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    Maishal who?? *Ties tiny sail to the small wooden mast, then jumps on to small, creaky ship*.
    I was just thinking, Agustus needs a girl less insecure than Daisy, and sweeter than Lucy..... and then I found this. :D They're both drawn perfectly, by the way. ;)

    Jessi 5 years ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Augustus, Daisy, Zurazi_(Artist)

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Augustus Daisy Zurazi_(Artist) (700x514, 193.8KB)

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    Cry some more

    RickAstley 6 years ago.

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    Awww. :'(

    Jessi 5 years ago.

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