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Candybooru image #10209, tagged with Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo Ribbon_(Artist)


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hi everyone!!

this is a picture of the gang (AND I FORGOT TO DRAW DAVID THERE TOO I AM UPSET ABOUT THAT) watching a scary movie at mike's house!! theres probably a horror scene or something going on right now so

daisy is scared and clinging to paulo
paulo is being himself when daisy touches him
(i totally did that because i ship them)
mike is grossed out by whatever is on the screen
lucy is amused because she thinks its bad

i had so many different things going through my mind about what to do with this scene?? like i was debating on whether or not i wanted to make lucy totally bored and unfazed by the movie, or amused by how bad it is, or joking around with mike about how bad it is??? idk but i hope everyone likes it!!

this is my first time practicing lighting and i hate it almost as much as i hate drawing furniture

i kinda wish i had mike and lucy interacting now cause they are one of my fav couples :[

anyways ill shutup now HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!

Ribbon 6 years ago.

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DaniYellAtU 6 years ago.

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thank you @daniyellatu!!!

also everyone the colors look super weird on the mobile version for some reason (but maybe thats just my phone??? idk) .. the colors are brighter and paulos face is super bright pink for some reason

so look at the online version pls....

Ribbon 6 years ago.

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The lighting is great, the colours are great, the expressions are great... YOUR STYLE IS JUST SO GREAT I LOVE IT.

jeroenhd 6 years ago.

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Excellent job on the drawing Ribbon.

SCD 6 years ago.

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Ahhhhh this is perfect!! You nailed their personalities so you don’t have to worry about that! Lucy would be the type to either be bored of a dumb movie to the point of making fun of it or just plain being amused and making fun of it, so you did well with her expression! She’s so cute ;__;

That timid widdle Maishul. Their eyes are so big and adorable!! And I love the Paulo/Daisy hug ;___; This is a lovely scene, it’s so nostalgic~~~! You did very well with playing with the colours too! Very awesome!

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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this is really fantastic aaaaaa i love it

mike you JERK stop hogging all the popcorn!!!!!

PickYerPoison 6 years ago.

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I imagine Mike grabbed the popcorn he was sharing with Mike right as Daisy went nuts.
Anyways, GREAT ART and love the scene!

AshuraAtsu 6 years ago.