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Candybooru image #11568, tagged with Abbey Amaya Augustus Daisy David Jasmine JayGamer_(Artist) Jessica Jordan Lucy Madison Matt Mike Molly Paulo Rachel Sandy Sue Tess excellent human


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I had to cut down the resolution tons to make it fit reasonably, so sorry about the bad quality!

I wanna move towards drawing more humans so I can develop those skills more, as interesting and fun as drawing cats and dogs is, so I put together a little (big) reference sheet type thing for my personal interpretations of human versions of each of the characters in the About page (minus the pets)! I also wrote a little summary for my headcanons of each of the characters' fashion senses. If you feel like any of the characters' appearances or fashion senses should be different, let me know!

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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I love this so much. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. All the fashion. EVERYWHERE.

Hipster 4 years ago.

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These are the best human versions I've seen until now

jeroenhd 4 years ago.

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- only wears clothes convenient for having sex.

LachlanDS 4 years ago.

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This is wonderful and I love it

I'm a mix of Daisy, Sue, and Jasmine irl hah
Spot on with that 'every season is autumn'

ArtisticKitten 4 years ago.

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this should be excellent

faune 4 years ago.

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im a matt

Box 4 years ago.

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I will Excellent it because I'm not as spiteful as Vero

SuitCase 4 years ago.

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LachlanDS 4 years ago.

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Oh god, Amaya's eyes and smile. Sooo cute!
That's it... I half vow to make something ok enough to put on the booru (half vow cuz I'm a lazy good for little who keeps putting things off).

Evokin 4 years ago.

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Dang, these are all amazing, all these poses and expressions. and the coloring is superb and :love: ARGHAFDHTF
Molly looks a bit like Frisk. and I love it.

Lisa 4 years ago.

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Molly and grumpy Madison are so gooooood, but THAT JASMINE THOUGH I MUST MEET NOW.

staveshot 4 years ago.

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Amaya and Matt are the best out of all them amazing human versions.

This is really cool

Waldo 4 years ago.

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No McCain? :smirk:

PepeLePew 4 years ago.