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Candybooru image #13308, tagged with Augustus Lucy Paulo minicomic visiface_(Artist)


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this was my prediction on how that confrontation was going to go. all the members of the BCB crew have a little blame to whats going on in each others lives in terms of lack of communication.

jumping to conclusions and acting upon them doesn't help, either. but who knows. //shrug

a little "what if" comic while warming up for commissions.

visiface 4 years ago.

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didn't think this would be the exact dialogue, however. i was playing with some thoughts, too. also a good test of another style, but im not too keen on it.

visiface 4 years ago.

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i love everything about this

thank you

Havocarius 4 years ago.

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Nice comic.

SCD 4 years ago.

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also a small note i just realize i should have paid closer attention to: i know she doesn't blame paulo for the car accident - low blow, low blow.

if i make edits to the dialogue, it'd probably be in a few lines in the middle:

"Thank God BOTH of my brothers are walking this earth, because Jordan could be in the ground right now!"


"Maybe I don't want help from the guy throwing punches and thinking with his nuts!!"

I'd also add an, "I don't want your help, Paulo!" after the enough on her plate comment, too.

i fucked up a lot on the BGs on this one too hoo boy.
my apologies!

visiface 4 years ago.

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"I waited for you" (while banging this other girl - then again I immediately dumped her when you came back, so that makes it OK)

yitz 4 years ago.

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Oh wow I.. didn’t even associate the “Jordan would be in the ground because of you” remark to Total Recall LMAO, I actually thought you were implying Jordan might have been suicidal because of all the events that happened to Lucy! Which I mean, is super plausible, Jordan was in a bad place during the whole ordeal. That’s super interesting hahahaha

This is such a great alternate event!! Augustus trying to take care of Lucy is so sweet ;____;

Taeshi 4 years ago.

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Nice page, plausible. Paulo deserves most of that verbal kicking although the Jordan shot was a low blow, that wasn't his fault!

Rateus 4 years ago.

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Tbh I've always been super frustrated with Paulo and at this point I simply hate him. And I thought it was super unfair he was the only one throwing punches in all of this! I kept thinking about all the bad things Lucy went through because of him and all the comebacks she could throw, and holy shit, you came up with all of them! I love this! <3

Also your ship taste is good :)

Coconut 4 years ago.

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This is SUPER good, and it especially highlights what Lucy most likely feels in this moment! And your art is LOVELY!

slowivy 4 years ago.

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Aica 4 years ago.

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ohhhh this is extremely good. the dialogue is great and makes a lotta good points!! and i love your art -- the way you set up the comic panels feels very fluid & good. plus yr style is Nice

comfit 4 years ago.

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god this is so good..... go off lucy

paulo’s attitude that lucy owes him anything because he “waited for her” is sooo frustrating

will 4 years ago.

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this is exactly what i thought about when paulo asked "why she came back" like, dude.


kenketsu 4 years ago.

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She doesn't owe him, but I think trying to blame Paulo for the car accident is a real dick move. If she did do that I think the interaction would have went on longer IMHO. :u

SeinEli 4 years ago.

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this is how it SHOULD have gone god i love it so much

fob 4 years ago.

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thank you guys for all the kind words - i really appreciate it!!

and yeah haha the car deal was a low blow i agree. i spent more time doodling than i did making sure the dialogue was feasable ;;;

and whoa. i did forget paulo did hound the shit outta jordan. man. i really do need to reread everything.

visiface 4 years ago.

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This is honestly so good, I adore everything about this! I love how you have everything in soft colors, and then the last two panels are all grey; a very nice contrast! Thank you for sharing this comic of yours!

Inumaru12 4 years ago.

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OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GOOD....... i was planning on doing something like this but you beat me to it! this is way better anyway, i can totally imagine this. the dialogue fits the characters so much! the colors and your style are also super cute, lucy looks amazing

mushroom 4 years ago.

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Hell yeah, love it when Paulo's called out on his BS. Also love August in this, he knows when it's time to walk away.

DeathofInk 4 years ago.

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this is so beautiful. Honestly I wanted Lucy to speak her mind and at least tell Paulo what's up :/ He took her being there wayyy too personally.

beckabunss 4 years ago.

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Lots of characters in the comic need a reality check nowadays, really wished this happened.

Kinroth 4 years ago.

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Great comic!

Tess 3 years ago.