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That is such a lovely Madison in the corner!

LackLuster on November 26, 2018.

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Sandy breaking the fourth wall.
Madison: Wawawawawawa! Come down and fight! Come down and fight! Wawawawawawa!
Sandy says the silliest things.
Detective Paulochu.
Matt finally found happiness.
Mike: I feel bad about myself.
They stole those Pokemon from two other trainers.
Lucy: I'm gonna murder that jerkface (Mike) for putting me in a body bag.
So it wasn't Mike that treated Lucy like crap, it was David all along.
Lucy after she hit the ground from jumping off a building.
I didn't know that Daisy has a dozen little sisters.
David caught a Pika-Sue.
They make a great dysfunctional ship.
Amaya & Sue are riding in style.
Sue is best girl.
David is a good dancer, but can he out dance Swing Goose.
Thanks to David, Roseville is now a crater.
Augustus disapproves this basketball hoodie.
At least Lucy will have a friend next to her grave.
Paulo is proud of his pride.
Alegria trying his best to cheer Paulo up, but failing miserably at it.
Sailor Lucy.
Daisy should learn not to eat ice cream so fast, but she'll never will.
She's being possessed by her doll.
Paulo finally realize that working for a fast food chain sucks.
You're welcome, Madison.

SCD on November 27, 2018.

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Lucy really left to get a Jumpstart on that baseball career

shmidny on November 29, 2018.