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Candybooru image #14702, tagged with Mike Shiraru_(Artist)


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I made a fun little animation meme for mike :DD

Shiraru 1 week ago.

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i love this so much!! the part with sandy telling him she likes him being separated from his friends saying it is so :') and lucy being the part of his friends that is separated and saying her own parts throughout time- from when she was younger until she stopped on her return....... wough :'(

Maevans 1 week ago.

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SuitCase 1 week ago.

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Good job, the cartoon came out great.

SCD 1 week ago.

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Wow this is so amazing, I watched it so many times!! I love the vibes

irreverses 1 week ago.

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Yoooo the Lucy bits are amazing!

Moonybadger 1 day ago.