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Candybooru image #7762, tagged with Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Viking_(Artist) edit


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Oh man! This fits prefectly with your previous edit x'DDD

Adept-eX 5 years ago.

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Well they started by the tree, but decided it would be better to do it in private. :-*

Keep this up and you might have a following ;).

Supertails19 5 years ago.

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I don't know why but I laughed so freaking hard at this... XD

Geez it's so brilliant..

I've got to show this to people now.. :smirk:

Tom-the-Foxey 5 years ago.

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Wow, this actually does fit really well with my previous edit. For people not familiar with it can check it out here: >>7736

Oh Paulo, you who expressed such an infatuation with Lucy; what's the meaning of then suddenly bedding her love interest the very same day she's announced gone? :-*

Viking 5 years ago.

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SirDavid 5 years ago.

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I'm gonna pull a Maeby Fünke and say: Marry me!

Patrick 5 years ago.

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Seriously tho, this is super cute. Viking, you're my favorite.

Patrick 5 years ago.