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Poor Mike, he gets all the flak from the readers who wanted things to work out with him and Lucy. Personally I prefer Sandy to Lucy, especially for Mike, because he’s shy(ish) and reserved, and Lucy is excessively dominant, and even downright mean to him. On a side note, I also like Paulo and Jasmine. Even though that (sadly) leaves Lucy without anyone. (Also Daisy + Abbey. Make it happen, too good a match to turn down!!!)

Frodomann1 June 6, 2012, 12:09 AM EST.

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I’m happy for Mike! Go get her tiger. Rawr! :P

Seriously though, as much as I don’t like HOW Mike handled the Lucy situation (he acted like a complete jerk-***, no matter how you look at it. I can’t believe he actually hates her considering all they have been through, and tried to tell her she has no friends, etc. Way too far.), he still told her flat out he wants to work things out with Sandy, and he doesn’t want any other woman. I’ve got respect for that. I really do hope they get to see each other more often and things go for the best :D

TheEsquire June 6, 2012, 1:20 AM EST.

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I want to dislike Sandy… I really really REALLY do. Not only has her very existence made our lovely Lucy deal with a lot of emotional pain, but she also has caused Mike to make some tough decisions. I can’t hate her though, I also am incapable of loving her. SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY YET! I only know she seems to dislike having stuff shoved on her and she loves Mike… How can I form an emotion on a character I know next to nothing about. I can’t ship :unsure: x :D I really only know him around Lucy.

I personally no longer like :unsure: X Mad Lucy because while they made awesome friends in the beginning, I like Lucy too much to want her depending on a guy who doesn’t put her first. It is the same reason I can’t ship Mad Lucy x 8-) hard core. Paulo isn’t for sure enough to put her first and Lucy doesn’t know if she wants him enough to toughen up and fight for him. I like the idea of her single but I also think she DESERVES a special someone, she is such a lover that I think she has earned at least that. Mike on the other hand, I am happy he is happy but I think his method of execution should be edited.

Honestly, the guy I like best would be Augustus. He is brash, honest, semi open, and tells her like it is. He is even willing to put her through the pain she needs so she will learn to depend on herself. I would never ship them but his lack of wanting in her pants & heart makes him the PERFECT candidate to help reform her mind.

Kikimmicoa June 6, 2012, 6:46 AM EST.

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