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Veronica: He knows what you’re here for already, loverboy!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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I wonder what will happen when Sandy finds out how Mike acted toward Lucy… I hope she’ll say something, maybe hint that he was a bit cruel when saying that he hated her.
It will be total drama when the others, especially Paulo (and Lucy’s older brother… Mike’s going to be dead) when they figure out. All the more interesting.
I love going over and over the same comic just to inspect the artwork. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but it’s really nice! :)

CoolC June 20, 2012, 12:02 AM EDT.

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Poor mike XD I hope he gets to spend some alone time with his girlfriend. No matter how much hate he gets for breaking poor Lucy’s heart (and no one hates him more than I for that, and I still think that mike+lucy would make an interesting mix of chemistry, and would please Yashy) he is at least faithful to his current girl friend, and for that at least he should be commended.

Frodomann1 June 20, 2012, 12:17 AM EDT.

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All this build up and panels of Mike makes me think Taeshi wanted to draw him for a long while coming. Perhaps getting a little tired of Paulo and Lucy, hmm? (I jest, please spare my life).
Mike is a great character and I enjoy all the shots being taken of him, as well as the expressions, but being the devil’s advocate here, I wish things connected together a little sooner.
Ah well, steady as she goes, I guess. Better than going nowhere at all.
The dialog is nice and I don’t need to say anything about the art, because hell, it’s always good or else I wouldn’t bother reading BCB or commenting on it.
It always tickles me a good color to see recurring side characters, such as this “guard dog” (lol, slay me for that pun if you want. I know I would). I’m the kind of person that likes to know as much as I can about all characters involved in any scenario and hopefully we’ll see more of him later on.
While on the subject, my favorite secondary character is Sue. I don’t know why, she’s just awesome. Unlike the other side characters that seem to lament that they don’t get enough face time, Sue seems pretty cool about it without getting an ego and I can dig that in any kind of person.
Back on track, I hope Mike finds what he’s searching for. It’ll be interesting to see the relationship play out between him and Sandy, since all I really know about the two is that they’re childhood friends in a long distant relationship. Hopefully the next few pages will take us deeper into that relationship and explore it further.

TechnoJack June 20, 2012, 1:47 AM EDT.

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