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Author commentary

Veronica: Poor Mike has dealt with so many Sandy near-misses that he thinks she might have just booked a ticket and flown back to Rickter again forgetting they were supposed to meet up :(

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I can feel it.

Right in the top of my heart, in addition to a sensation making my toes curl.

I know exactly what Mike’s feeling at this moment.

That special moment between two people that love each other. Just being able to -finally- be there. Litterally nothing stoping you from embracing the person that matters the most to you. Finally getting to be with your beloved.

Mike is a lucky devil. This is going to be an awesome chapter.

You better treat her right, and thank your lucky stars, Mike.

Anonymous One June 22, 2012, 1:42 AM EDT.

Comment ID #219651

C’mon, people. Enough with the Maishul hate. It’s a cutesy nickname. I have a friend who’s neice would call him Ri-Ri (his name was Richard) when she was young. It stuck and now that she’s in her teens she still calls him “Uncle Ri-Ri”.

Same thing here. Enough with the nerd rage.

Blur June 22, 2012, 1:48 AM EDT.

Comment ID #219677

Oh no. I’m not falling for it Teashi! Every time a comic looks sweet and joyful at first, it all goes down hill. I thought maybe after the big climax with Mike yelling at Lucy things might calm down a bit, but instead I was presented tear-jerking closure infilled moments, conflicting dark pages of depression emitting from that of a young girl, and many other side conflicts that added to the still growing mountain of drama. I’m not falling for it. Any minute now, Sandy’s gonna get hit by a bus, or say she met someone recently and that Mike will always be her friend. I know your game, when you write something the drama pours out like Niagara Falls, and I end up daydreaming for hours after reading it with a 1/5 chance of me crying about it. I’m not falling for this sweet moment……then again with my luck thanks to that luck this could be the one recent chapter that ends well… and now I’m conflicted…. Oh and I like this type of artwork BTW. My favorite was the style used in “Pillow Talk”, seemed a bit more clean and professional looking but whatever works I guess.

Seikyuu June 22, 2012, 2:29 AM EDT.

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