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Veronica: I really like how Amaya is actively trying to look out for Sue, Amaya knows what dynamic Stacy wants!!! But to let Sue know that would hurt her feelings..

I guess Sue has to learn one way or another, huh?

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12333

Well, sues gunna get a lesson in people who value popularity over things they like

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #12334

I dunno if I'd go so far as to say popularity, just social pressure that prevents them from participating in activities they enjoy. The chapter title might hint at something more, but it might not seem like it to Stacy. She might just see it as the best way to keep most of her friends, without realizing that she's neglecting the ones she actually likes spending more time with. It'll be an interesting chapter to say the least!

Alec Emmerich  

Comment ID #12335

sue baby i'm so sorry you had to find out this way but.... you're a dork

Coke M  

Comment ID #12336

Again, sue is pushing her presence on others. People don't HAVE to do the things she wants to, and yet she just assumes everyone is on board or wants to mix social and private life. Amaya even tries to warn Sue, which Sue blatantly ignores, and that ALSO is disrespectful to Amaya. Sometimes, people just wanna be left alone - And it is best to respect that.

Tammi Fierro  

Comment ID #12337

Yeah...aside from Sue's obvious blunder, Stacy could have said something about keeping this on the down-low at school.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #12338

Stacy: Nope, I’ve never seen this freak before in my life.

Sue: >:(

Stacy: :)


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