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Veronica: God I love Stacy in this, there’s something about being obliviously mean that makes me laugh. She’s not trying to be mean!!! It’s just business!

I seem to like that personality trait a lot, it’s a trait that Daisy also shares. And Sandy! Though the degree of unintentional cruelty varies.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12411

Can i ask for Stacy to be outcasted for some time?

Victor Kappel  

Comment ID #12412

As someone who's always super struggled with the sorts of social cues of knowing when I'm supposed to stop pushing or being 'embarrassing', especially when I was a teen, this storyline's really making me feel for Sue. Really enjoying it so far!


Comment ID #12413

Fuck Stacy


Comment ID #12414

Yeah, of course she did. I kinda find it hard to believe Sue doesn't know about how social appearances work, but I'll let that slide. As I said last time, Stacy, you should have told Sue about this to avoid this kind of thing. But letting someone tell your friend they're a loser isn't cool either, even if you have to keep appearances. Ah, Stacy, I have a feeling you're going to have to make a choice soon...

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #12415

Ouch, last page was funny in just the overdramaticness of it (only the best for Sue) but it seems both parties genuinely can't understand why the other acted that way. They're both kind of in the wrong here but since this was promised as a lighter chapter I'm hopeful that the resolution will be sweet.

Savannah Williams  

Comment ID #12416

this bitch dead ass said "of course i did" oh my fucking god

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #12417

Literally, I said this two pages ago; If sue had just asked about it privately, this probably would be less awkward for all involved. Sometimes folks just DO NOT want to mix private and public personas, and that's just how it do be. Who you are at work, isn't who you are at home.

Tammi Fierro  

Comment ID #12418

did... she really not expect this?? mike got it right away how has sue not noticed that stacy likes keeping certain stuff private

Connor Wolfe  

Comment ID #12419

It's one thing to have your online life separate from IRL socializing, but I think what stings here is that Stacy was openly blasé about Katie calling Sue a loser. Didn't bat an eye, made no attempt to stand up for a friend/classmate. That hurts!

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #12420


Stacy: Good!

Sue: >:(

Stacy: :)


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