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Veronica: Katie saving Stacy from a life of being a slave to MMORPGs, truly the hero of the story.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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DUDE. AGAIN! Does Sue not understand boundaries? She does not wish to talk to you. Why, in this wild world, *would you keep trying to talk?* The yellow dog is a jerk, but randomly going up to (what amounts to) practical strangers and trying to force them into conversation is hella weird.

Tammi Fierro  

Comment ID #12387

Hey but, Stacy's not a stranger. If I want to tell something to a friend (and I genuinely think he hasn't heard me, not that he ignored me) then I'd intercept him in the hallway just like this and tell him. I'd expect no to be called a freak not to be ignored because... we're friends. And if that's the case I'd be really mad. It's never an excuse to be shitty to your friends because of some stupid popularity non-sense.

Catalina Saini  

Comment ID #12388

Except... They only really interact inside a video game. If everyone around you is saying "Hey, this person clearly doesn't want to talk to you right now", on what planet do you confront them in the middle of a public setting? Why would that make sense to do? What does that accomplish besides putting them on the spot? Yeah, you can be mad, and that's valid, but you can't publicly go after someone and expect a good response. It's best to have some fact and bring it up privately.

Tammi Fierro  

Comment ID #12389

Aww sue. You can't force people out of their comfort zones but it still sucks when people pretend to not even know you.

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #12390

Alright, a confession of a BCB reader: I've been a little skeptical when I've seen mentions of the big project that was consuming so much time because I figured it was something spin-off related, like a visual novel or a new game. Something cool and fun, but not something that would really contribute to the thing I'd want most, which is just straight-up more canon BCB pages. It didn't help that the secret project necessitated the update schedule to go down to once per week. Now that the announcement is out, WOW I STAND CORRECTED. Redux of the earliest content to have it more on parity with the rest of the comic's quality is absolutely the #1 thing I'd have put on a BCB wishlist. This is a big big big deal as a reader and well worth the once-weekly schedule. I can't even imagine how much effort it must have taken to pull off this overhaul behind the scenes. It's super exciting. Congrats on completing such a massive undertaking! I can't wait to read the new old pages...and the fact that BCB is back to updating 3x per week is just the perfect cherry on top of it.

Jordan Thompson  

Comment ID #12391

Ahh, thank you Jordan!!! It’s really heartening to hear that this was the sort of thing you’d want us to make. For us it was the #1 priority too, so while we leave our minds open to other big projects in the future, we can feel assured we did the right thing for the main thing, the comic itself!

Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #12392

i usually dont comment on new pages, just read quietly and enjoy, but im SO PSYCHED for the kickstarter that got announced!!! ive never been in a place where i could really afford to help out with kickstarters when they happen, but finally, im able to!! ive been reading bcb since high school and im 25 now and while ive bought some volumes in the past im SO HAPPY for the chance to support you guys!!!

Connor Wolfe  

Comment ID #12393

It is so so appreciated!!! Thank you for being the kind of fan we knew we could rely on to make it all worth doing!

Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #12394

3 pages per week is perfect! I've missed the faster pace so much because I'm so hungry for this story. So glad I stuck with you guys in the slow times.

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #12395

Yup yup! And after the Kickstarter is over, there’s a pretty juicy chapter coming, too...

Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #12396

Omg Yay! A kickstarter woot


Comment ID #12397

Sue (singing): Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, going to the garden to eat worms.


Comment ID #12398

It's great that the 3 pages per week schedule is back, I also backed the Kickstarter as well.


Comment ID #12399

I love Sue, but she really needs to learn to take a hint


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