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Veronica: It’s so funny how when you’re a teenager you care about your identity SO MUCH, right? It all just seems rather silly in retrospect, but it meant so much at the time.

I was one of those freaks who didn’t feel like she had an identity at all so I sorta floated around not thinking about it, but I certainly witnessed people around me trying to keep some sort of reputation or “air” around them. I was too busy wanting to get home to talk to Souppy on AIM lmao

Oliver: :-$

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12422

stacy has terminal foot in mouth disease

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #12423

Lol. Sue seemed an hair thread away from smacking Stacy

Victor Kappel  

Comment ID #12424

Yeah reeeeally not doing yourself any favors Stacy lol.

Savannah Williams  

Comment ID #12425

Whoa, I... actually didn't expect Sue to kick her.

I didn't expect Sue to be acting like this either.

Thought she had better decorum than this?

That being said, I wouldn't want to play with someone who treats me like I'm an embarrassment to be around.

But I did expect Sue to better understand that Stacy would be the kind of person to act this way. I thought they would have known what Stacy is about by now.


Comment ID #12426

It does seem peculiar to us as the readers, that Sue doesn’t “get” what Stacy is about by now. But it’s clearly different from what we expected, and maybe it’s because Stacy has been a very willing guild mate until now.

Stacy played the game, joined their guild, and even went in full cosplay to the con! To Sue, that must have all come across as Stacy saying, “yeah, I’m popular, but you guys are cool enough to play this game with!” Now here she is, outright saying she’s ashamed to Sue’s face. No wonder she doesn’t wanna play with Stacy anymore!

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #12427

Sue asking the real question here "why do you wanna be with that crowd when that's not who you are?". But I have a feeling the issue is Stacy is both, and suddenly they're conflicting. I hope this has a happy ending; I like this group.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #12428

Also I'm noticing Stacy's using a lot of "you" phrasing. So not only is Sue not getting the popular Vs secret hobby issue, Stacy's repeatedly calling her a loser. That's hurting more than wanting to keep this a secret.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #12429

I'm really enjoying Sue just being a massive nerd, saying "/gkicked" out loud and all


Comment ID #12430


Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #12431

Geez Sue, get a life!


Comment ID #12432

at least stacy is honest :')


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