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Veronica: Paulo wants to be useful!!! To everyone!! As much as possible!!

Rachel is willing to drive Madison to the mall, but you know how it is when it’s.. really far away. I know when I used to drive, I was extremely obsessed with driving people everywhere and I never cared about the distance. That’s why I find it strange when people have limits to how far they wanna help you.. I know not everyone is me, though.

And to be fair, those people still drive. I don’t drive anymore so what opinion do I really have!!

Oliver: Paulo’s a good one. As a non-driver and occasional leech I wholly support those who’d drive me to a distant mall to collect a CD without giving me all that runaround about “traffic” and “tolls”.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #18363

classic impulsive paulo

Luggage Pickup  

Comment ID #18364

Ah yis to be excited to drive until you gotta put gas in every time you breathe next to the vehicle

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #18365

Rachel yet again the voice of reason and also maximum cool


Comment ID #18366

Adorable antics.

Cool it with the offers, Paulo! You'll regret having to drive soooo much at once.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #18367

I'm crying I love him so much ??


Comment ID #18368

GOOD GOOD GOOD CONTENT I love Paulo now ;_; I literally used to be Abbey in regards to his character, until just now. I see the goodness in him now. Lmfao I'm an insanely fickle person, excellent chapter content!!!

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18369

Rachel is the Best??

Paulo is awesome and so excited to have a car.


Comment ID #18370

Does Paulo not realize how awkward it would be to drive alone with these people specifically or is he just that generous haha oh I love him so much


Comment ID #18371

Good boy. Love Rachel. feels like the friendship economy is improving at Roseville High :)

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18372

Wholesome paulo


Comment ID #18373

I mean, its normal for the person getting a lift to pay for gas. So people need to pony up


Comment ID #18374

This makes me nostalgic for how I felt with my first car


Comment ID #18375

Paulo once again proving why he is the best guy in the series

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #18376

he's so sillay I love him


Comment ID #18377

Paulo, you don't want everyone to get used to this homie


Comment ID #18378

Paulo has always been my absolute FAVORITE character? since day 1 ??

Sky TheTiny'mhytee  

Comment ID #18379

I wonder if lady's man Paulo will use this car to his advantage, or has he grown past that point?

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #18380

Paolo is the cutest!


Comment ID #18381

Paulo: Can I have another dollar?

Rachel: No.

Paulo: Aw.


Comment ID #18382

Soon he'll be driving his friends to FILA, KFC, Pizza Hut and Tower Records while listening to All I Want by The Offspring.


Comment ID #18383

Bless him

Outlaw Wanderer  

Comment ID #18384

I'm crying I love him so much 😭


Comment ID #18385

Rachel is the Best😊

Paulo is awesome and so excited to have a car.


Comment ID #18386

Paulo has always been my absolute FAVORITE character❤ since day 1 😌

Sky TheTiny'mhytee  

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