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Veronica: Paulo offering Stacy the trip of a lifetime

Anyway, poor Abbey. I’m sure we’ve all had people in our lives who wanted things to stay as water under the bridge but you’re.. not really ready for that. Maybe ever. Maybe not yet.

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Does'nt have no, should he try to let go at least and make peace yeah would be healthier for them both at this point, Jasmine.


Comment ID #18424

Thanks Jasmine

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18425

Belated, but I'm glad u guys changed Jasmine's hair, btw :)

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18426

wait what changed about her hair? ????


Comment ID #18427

@prismabunny she used to have a bun with the hairpin sticks


Comment ID #18428

ohhhh yeah I remember that. ty!


Comment ID #18429

This is something Abby needs to hear. She's right, his feeling are valid. After him and Paulo talked outside the principals office he seems to have been defused. No longer a ticking time bomb. I think Jaz has been a great influence on him. She's surprisingly wise.


Comment ID #18430

wait what changed about her hair? 👁👁


Comment ID #18431

Jasmine is seriously the best. I’m so happy whenever she gets screen time. She is so mature and thoughtful, and I agree with everything she’s saying here!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #18432

I think Abbey's remorse is two-fold here. He definitely knows he doesn't HAVE to forgive Paulo for all the insults and taunts... but Paulo's ability to move on seems to bring the same desire out in Abbey. And I think Abbey also realizes that HE would not necessarily forgive himself for the vitriol/physical violence he subjected Paulo to, if he were in Paulo's position. A rough conundrum for sure! But maybe it wouldn't hurt to talk it out...?


Comment ID #18433

Omg I hope we see a talking it out in this chapter

David B.  

Comment ID #18434

Abbey and jasmine are my OTP

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #18435

I mean i don’t excuse Paulo’s behavior but Abbey took it way to far with assaulting him the one time he actually tried to be nice and do something nice for Daisy. If Abby had attacked him just based on the bullying then fine i guess. But he attacked him and pitted Daisy against someone who she’s known for years and accused her of being a slut. And accused Paulo of wanting to hurt her. So YES ABBEY MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO APOLOGIZE TO PAULO.


Comment ID #18436

I think it's super interesting and cool that the reason why Paulo can be such an asshole is sometimes the same reason why he can be so genuinely kind and such an easy person to befriend


Comment ID #18437

I'm glad Jasmine is there to give that insight. Just because someone is nice sometimes doesn't mean you have to forgive them for so much mistreatment. Paulo wasn't very nice at all to Abbey for most of the comic so it's understandable and okay for Abbey to not like him.

What wasn't okay was Abbey trying to villainize Paulo, despite his growth. But then there's the fact that Abbey didn't really get to see that growth until recently, because of partially refusing to and also because he wasn't around for those intimate conversations that showed Paulo's growth to us and other characters.

I guess it's pretty similar to Mike and Lucy, but Mike actually had insight into Lucy's changes/growth before she left, just refused to see/acknowledge it.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #18438

Abbey: Why would I want to forgive him?

Jasmine: Good point.


Comment ID #18439

Paulo: (singing) I wanna take you for a ride! I wanna take you for a ride!


Comment ID #18440

Is the page not working for anyone else or is it just me?


Comment ID #18441

Not just you, it's broken for me too


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