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Veronica: Thanks for reading, everyone~!!!!! Things are looking up!

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PAULO IS MY FAVORITE NOW this is exactly how he should act I love him so much

Sircreepalot 2  

Comment ID #18542

Ksjkdslfjdskhfakdljf fucking smug-ass Paulo, at least he's acting awesome and approachable to Abbey! Lmao U CAN DO IT ABBEY time to put those social skills to good use!! I think things can work out for good now :3

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18543

HE'S SO CUTE very evil 👍


Comment ID #18544

he as in both of them actually lmao. I am just a big fan of the antics of this page


Comment ID #18545

This is flirting. I’m going to combust

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #18546

YOU. You get it!!!


Comment ID #18547

I don’t think I’ve actually actively shipped anything (like, I’ve been into certain pairings but I wouldn’t say I *shipped* them? Idk) until now but man, the sauce on this one


Comment ID #18548

Paulo you flirty shit turn it down a notch


Comment ID #18549

(This dude flirts a little bit with all of his friends and you cannot deny that)


Comment ID #18550

Paulo is SO smug!! Gosh I love him haha


Comment ID #18551

Loving these excellent paulo panels


Comment ID #18552

Paulo about to come in with that forgive and forget power. Gawd I hope he and Abbey can get a fresh start. I think them combining their views on stuff will make them both better people. Paulo can gain some respectful restraint/boundaries and Abbey can learn how to view things from more perspectives ❤️


Comment ID #18553

It’s really comforting to see Abby’s evolution from a sexist jerk to a friendly neurotic. (Sexist as in thinking girls are in need of protection, not the cad sort.)

Ema Nekaf  

Comment ID #18554

Oh my godddd I love Paulo so much, so sassy

David B.  

Comment ID #18555

Abbey: Please stop staring at me like that, you’re scaring me.

Paulo: No.

Abbey: (gulp)


Comment ID #18556

Aaaah I love this. I know Paulo is acting like a smug lil shit but I think if he really believes Abbey to be genuine, it's gunna be really sweet. Paulo is like the only emotionally mature child in the group and I love him

Bad Baphomet  

Comment ID #18557

Depends if you count Augustus in the group as well, he's certainly matured a TON emotionally with Lucy's help.


Comment ID #18558

Man that one was a while ago, but I can't imagine Paulo ever forgetting it.


Comment ID #18559

Ah, the unmitigated joy of having the moral high ground.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #18560

Ew. I normally like Paulo but I don’t remember~ him ever apologising for that year or so of bullying Abbey, literally using him as a footstool in class. Boy, just ‘cause Abbey royally screwed up in attacking you doesn’t mean you have the unmitigated moral high ground.

I mean, it’s good for Abbey to be forced to be humbled in this situation. Just… Paulo’s reaction feels icky to me after he bullied the guy for a year or so. Maybe Abbey can trigger some character development on that.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #18561

Yup. Very fair. But it just kinda seems like Paulo's mindset doesn't really dwell on stuff, so unless Abbey brings it up as a problem, Paulo probably isn't going to realize it's something that's still affecting Abbey. All the more reason to hope it gets brought up!


Comment ID #18562

He actually does apologize pretty directly in Time Out https://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/c108/p6


Comment ID #18563

He even says “I mean it though” and seems pretty sad. Abbey dismisses it and changes the subject to Daisy, resulting in Paulo lashing out.


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