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*The flashbacks end. Tess looks emotional.*
Mike: So now you know. She lacks trust. And it takes a lot of time to build it.

*Tess puffs up her cheeks and raises a fist.*
Tess: Hey, you were a real JERK!
*Mike looks annoyed.*
Mike: I was nine. Cut me some slack.

*Mike looks serious.*
Mike: That awful time is long over, though. She has other friends now, even if she wouldn’t ever admit to it.

*Tess smirks, resting her head on her hands.*
Tess: And you’re still one of ’em?
*Mike closes his eyes, frustrated.*
Mike: It probably helps that I don’t hit on her every time I see her.

*Mike smiles and stands up. He touches the scarf he is wearing.*
Mike: Anyway.. thanks for the scarf. Do you want it back before I go?

*Tess beams.*
Tess: Keep it. It’s cold out, you need it more than I do!

*Mike grins.*
Mike: Aww.. thanks! You’re really sure?
Tess: Definitely!

Mike: Thanks so much!
[The panel shows leaves blowing around in the wind.]
Mike (thinking): Wow..
Mike (thinking): That’s much better.

*Mike walks along, pleased.*
Mike (thinking): Orange and yellow.. My new scarf..

*Mike watches a leaf float by, looking pensive.*
Mike (thinking): A new change.. like the colors of autumn..

Mike (thinking): So much has happened already this year..
Mike (thinking): A new school.. New friends.. Sandy..

Mike (thinking): I’m looking forward to what the next few months will bring.

Paulo: You look like Harry Potter.
*Mike stops and turns, irritated.*

*Mike looks down at Paulo.*
Mike: Paulo? You’re still down there?
*Paulo looks up, grumpy.*
Paulo: Yeah. It was really nice of you all to help me up. I love broken noses.

Paulo: So.. wait.. Tess gave you that scarf?
Mike: Yeah.
Paulo: Is fidelity just not yer thing?
*Mike looks shocked.*
Mike: WHAT?! NO!!

Mike: I just went over for some hot cocoa--
*Paulo pulls out a walkie-talkie and smiles deviously.*
Paulo: Calling all girls. We got a cheater on the premises. Over.

Paulo: SWAT team dispatched. Over.
*Many sets of angry eyes surround Mike. He looks petrified.*

Girls: Cheatercheatercheatercheater
Mike: **AHHH!!!*
*Paulo snickers.*
Paulo: Hahahah! This never gets old!

Author commentary

Veronica: Mike’s new scarf! Hooray! Perhaps with the blue scarf making him depressed, the orange and yellow scarf can make him.. happy? Maybe?

Let’s hope!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #7311

Yay, it’s David.

UNIT2960 April 22, 2010, 5:43 PM EDT.

Comment ID #69965

The last panel made me laugh :D

xLoveandLightningx August 5, 2010, 2:36 AM EDT.

Comment ID #219495

Tess. You should of burned the scarf, BURNED IT WITH FRICKING FIRE! Today was the day he said ”Bye” to Lucy ;-;

Wolftail June 20, 2012, 3:17 AM EDT.

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