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[Caption: Spring of seventh grade]
Mike: Hey, Lucy! You ready for gym?

*Lucy is about to open her locker.*
Mike: We’ll be the first class to try out the new pool!
*Lucy pauses.*
Lucy: Oh?

*Mike grins eagerly and raises his fists.*
Mike: I’ve been waiting for them to finish it all year!

*Mike smiles.*
Mike: You’re.. good swimming, right?
*Lucy looks uncomfortable.*
Lucy: No.
Mike: Well, it’ll be safe this time!

*Mike cheerily walks off.*
Mike: I’ll see ya next period!
*Lucy frowns.*

Lucy: hmph

*Lucy scowls and suddenly punches her locker.*

Lucy (thinking): They could make us do anything: dodgeball, hockey, high jump..
*She walks away with her arms crossed.*

Lucy (thinking): Why does it have to be swimming?
*The middle-school gym teacher, a dog with a mustache, looks at the class.*
Middle-school gym teacher: Alright, class..

Middle-school gym teacher teacher: Let me be the first to welcome you to our newly renovated pool!
*Mike, Daisy, and David look excited. Lucy looks scared.*
David: Hi~

*Something catches Lucy’s eye, making her extremely nervous.*

*The gym teacher stands in front of the pool.*
Middle-school gym teacher: Nobody jump in yet! First, I’ll need to show you the way in and out..

*The students follow the teacher. Daisy beams.*
Daisy: Okay!
*Lucy stops and raises her arm across her chest and gasps, distressed.*
Lucy: ..!

*Mike glances at Lucy with concern.*
Mike: ?
*The gym teacher looks at her.*
Middle-school gym teacher:

Middle-school gym teacher: That means you too, missy. Come along, don’t be shy.
*Lucy looks scared.*

*Mike looks back at Lucy, worried.*
Mike: Lucy?

Middle-school gym teacher: No exceptions, kid. Now, did I tell you all about about the solar heating?
*Lucy shakes her head.*

*She clenches her fists and walks forward.*
Lucy: Fine..

Author commentary

Veronica: Some people missed the old Phys. Ed. teacher.. well, here he is again since they’re back in Middle School for this flashback! Hooray!

Lucy is certainly not celebrating this, it’s not like this pool is a running stream! You won’t be pulled away!

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you don’t have to be lonely anymore :)

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Don’t be the loneliest page! We’re right here with you :D

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