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*David sits at the lunch table, sticking out his tongue. There’s food all over it.*
David: So thatsh what makesh the “seafood” joke sho FUNNY!
*Abbey sticks his tongue out in disgust.*
Abbey: More like revolting.

*Paulo and Daisy sit together opposite the boys. Daisy, looking pensive, drinks her juice box.*
David: No, no, the REVOLTING part ISH the funny part!
Abbey: Can you swallow, please?

*Abbey looks at Daisy from across the table, concerned.*
Abbey: Is something the matter, Daisy?
*Daisy smiles nervously.*
Daisy: Ahh.. I’m fine, Abbey..

*She looks to the side, hesitant.*
Daisy: Just been feeling a little weird.
Abbey: Why so?
Daisy: It’s nothing serious..

*She blushes.*
Daisy: .. Paulo?
*Paulo glances at her.*
Paulo: Eh? Yeah?

*Daisy looks away nervously.*
Daisy: You’re a better judge for what guys look for in girls.. Do you think I..
*Paulo blushes suddenly, his attention grabbed by something else.*

*Tess walks toward them.*
Tess: Hi!
*Paulo jumps up and waves. His eyes light up and he grins.*
Paulo: ♥ Tess! Babe! Over here! C’monn~ ♥

*Daisy looks sullen. She imagines herself standing next to Tess with a slashed equal sign between them. Tess is doing a sexy pose and surrounded by hearts, while Daisy looks awkward.*
Tess: Someone’s happy to see me!

*Daisy shuts her eyes and frowns.*
Daisy (thinking): Ugh, I’ll never be that pretty! Why would a boy tease me like that..

Augustus: So we share the same lunch period, do we?
*Daisy’s eyes pop open and she blushes.*

*Augustus stands beside Daisy.*
Augustus: Mind if I sit beside you?
*Daisy looks uncomfortable.*
Daisy: Uh?

*Tess glares at Augustus.*
Daisy: Sure..
*Paulo looks at Tess, confused.*
Paulo: ?

*Daisy hunches over timidly.*
Daisy: What do you want to sit here for..?
*Augustus smiles.*
Augustus: To spend some time with a girl I like, of course..

Daisy: .. Did you really mean what you said before?
*Augustus looks at her with a soft expression.*
Augustus: Oh, Daisy..

Augustus: Is this the first time ANYONE’S told you you’re beautiful?
*Daisy blushes and looks away, smiling and twirling her hair.*

Augustus: Of course I meant it.
Daisy: Um, t-thank you..
*Lucy sips her drink.*

*Someone splashes water onto Lucy’s face. Lucy winces and looks over.*

*Katie points to a bottle of water, looking curious.*
Katie: So does bottled water, like, do it too?
*Lucy scowls.*
Lucy: Go back to your table!
*Augustus watches, unconcerned.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Katie, what are you even doing here.. it’s not like you didn’t lie your way into getting excused already!

Fun fact about Katie using her period as an excuse in the previous page — I actually DID have my period when we had to go swimming in High School so I was excused, but I used to have extremely long periods. They would last over a week. So unfortunately for me, my teacher told me to get into the pool a week after I was excused.. and I was still bleeding!!

The teacher didn’t believe me, though, and what was I supposed to do, show her some bloody tissues? Gross! Fortunately I wasn’t bleeding THAT much, so I was able to swim around without anyone noticing. I remember rushing back in a panic afterwards, in fear people would.. see..

Anyway, that was embarrassing!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #176561

first thought when seeing augustus’s cloak: R U A WIZARD?

paulosawesome August 10, 2011, 11:51 PM EDT.

Comment ID #185029

I have an old WW2 cloak that I wore to school senior year, until it got too hot, if that answers the question of the cloak-wearing probability. This new guy bothers me :/ it’s like geez guy get a room.

toast October 11, 2011, 12:46 AM EDT.

Comment ID #187494

He’s quite straight-forward.

StarSturdy October 29, 2011, 8:01 PM EDT.

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