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*Lucy and Tess sit at the lunch table. Lucy cooly sips a juice box. Tess, distracted, sighs.*
Lucy: There’s never enough juice in these stupid boxes..

*Lucy looks at Tess.*
Lucy: Made plans for junior prom yet?
*Tess, caught off guard, looks up.*
Tess: Eh?

*Tess nervously smiles and curls her hair around her finger.*
Tess: Well, that’s not for a while.. Junior prom isn’t really that important anyway.

Lucy: I don’t think I’d even go to my Senior prom..
*Lucy squeezes the last drops of juice from her juice box onto the table. Tess watches, confused.*
Tess: What are you doing?

*Mike slouches, elbows rested on the table and leaning his head in his hand.*
Mike: Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t! Who am I supposed to take?

Yashy: Your woman, of course!
*Mike twitches, annoyed at Yashy’s interjection.*
Mike: ..!

*Yashy pops up next to Lucy, who glances at her without surprise.*
Lucy: Snuck into my bag again?
Yashy: Don’t change the subject~ ♥

*Mike is visibly agitated.*
Mike: How do you expect me to bring her all the way from Rickter just for a stupid prom?!
*Yashy defiantly points to Lucy, who looks mortified.*
Yashy: What are you talking about? She’s right here!

*Lucy, with a worried expression, quickly reaches for the empty juice box.*
Mike: I’m not talking about Lucy, you idiot, I meant SAN--

*Lucy throws the juice box directly at Mike’s head, catching him by surprise.*
Mike: ?!

*Lucy whistles to herself, pretending to be innocent. Yashy glances at her, suspicious. Mike rubs his temple, his anger growing.*
Mike: Lucy, what the hell?!
*Paulo glances at Lucy, confused.*
Paulo: ?
*David makes a crazed expression and shouts.*

*David, without turning, throws a bowl of food into Paulo’s face with a “SPLORT”. Mike glares at Lucy, who looks away, uneasy. Yashy continues to look at Lucy with suspicion.*

*Mike scowls, raising his fist defensively.*
Mike: Wait, why are you trying to shut me up? What’s the big deal!

*Lucy, annoyed, rolls her eyes and half-listens to Mike.*
Mike: Whether you like it or not, SHE’S who I’d be going with, if anyone! And you know what, maybe I WILL invite her!

*McCain appears, raising a finger as he lectures.*
McCain: The already marginal chance of a teenage relationship outlasting junior year is made exponentially slimmer by the additional qualifier of long-distance communication.

*Mike, shocked, stares at McCain, who doesn’t move.*

*Mike scowls at McCain, who is offended.*
Mike: Shut it, McCain.

*Mike turns back to Lucy, agitated, while McCain hurries away.*
Mike: So anyway..

Author commentary

Veronica: Follow me, set me free, trust me and we will escape from the city..

Yashy likes to appear when she pleases.. she doesn’t follow Lucy to school half as much as she used to. It probably has to do with her getting older.. or maybe Blur/Lily/Chirpy are more fun to hang around with, but I guess this is one of those days where she hangs out with Lucy and the others.

Speaking of appearing characters, this is the first time we see Alec McCain! He was created by T. Ashley Jenkins, creator of Petal Crash! Play this puzzle game, it is very good!!

McCain was a bit of a surprise.. but I liked him very much and really wanted to include him in the comic.. don’t expect him to appear too regularly, though.

I think his.. distance is what makes him.. McCain.. he’s very good in small doses, just the way he likes it. I hope I use him well enough on those uncommon times he DOES appear! I guess he’s like David except opposite in personality.


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Reader comments

Comment ID #2603

food fight daivid is so dumb

meg April 4, 2010, 6:58 PM EDT.

Comment ID #167684

fukin dave man fukin dave 8-D

Andres June 17, 2011, 5:51 AM EDT.

Comment ID #180819

Listen to McCain, Mike! Lucy is so much better!!

Mint-Sama September 6, 2011, 8:47 PM EDT.

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