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*Mike swims in the pool, looking cheerful. Daisy watches him from a distance.*

*Daisy, wearing a black shirt and treading water, fawns over Mike, a blush on her face.*
Daisy: Mikie’s so athletic..
*Augustus, a Siamese cat with asymmetrical bangs, looks Daisy over.*

*Augustus smiles.*
Augustus: Hello there.. “Daisy”, isn’t it?
*Daisy turns to Augustus, startled.*
Daisy: Huh? Umm, yeah?

Augustus: For one of those peppy cheerleaders, you sure cover a lot up. Is that a t-shirt?
Daisy: Uhh.. yeah..

[An image of Daisy in a cheerleader uniform, smiling and waving a pom pom.]
Augustus (narrating): I remember seeing you around back when my little brother played soccer in middle school..

*Augustus smiles at Daisy flirtatiously.*
Augustus: I guess that makes you a freshman now?
*Daisy looks uncomfortable.*
Daisy: Y-yeah..
Augustus: You’re really cute! Stop being so nervous.

*Daisy dips lower into the pool and hides her face with her hands.*
Daisy: Cute?! But you’re way older than me!
Augustus: Not by a lot.
Daisy: And I’m so ugly right now!!
Augustus: How so?
Daisy: MY CURLS!!

*Augustus moves closer to Daisy.*
Augustus: There’s nothing wrong with curls..
*Daisy tries to smooth down her hair.*
Daisy: They frizz up as soon as they touch the water!

Augustus: Well, I think you look beautiful.
*Daisy’s eyes widen and she blushes.*

Gym teacher: Class! Gather at the shallow end!
*Augustus swims away, smiling. Daisy looks at him, blushing and confused.*
Daisy: ?!
Students: Aww! Okay!

*The gym teacher stands in the water, wearing a black shirt and a whistle. A group of students gather around her to listen.*
Gym teacher: Now I know how horrible it is to see your teacher in a swimsuit, but bear with me here..

*Katie leans over to Mike, holding out her hand to whisper to him.*
Katie: (psst)
Mike: Hmm?

Katie: Like, how come your girlfriend gets out of this without even asking? It’s not, like, fair!
*Mike looks annoyed.*
Mike: Okay, first of all..

*Mike puts a hand to his forehead in frustration.*
Mike: Oh, never mind. It’s just complicated and kind of a private thing, okay?

*Katie, frustrated, splashes her fists in the water.*
Katie: Oh my gawd! At least, like, give me a hint! It’s, like, messing up my hair and I’m just gonna end up smelling like WET DOG!!
*Mike glares at her.*

*Mike, looking irritated, yells at her.*
Mike: But you ARE a dog!
*Katie walks away, exasperated with her hands in the air.*
Katie: Ugh, never MIND!

Katie: Teacher! Teacher!
Gym teacher: What is it now?
Katie: I’m, like, allergic!
*Mike watches the conversation.*

Gym teacher: To what?
Katie: Um.. to water?
*Mike looks away and sighs.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Katie is trying her best. I’m sure she can find some clever lie to get herself out of the pool eventually.. just gotta think about it.

Who is this boy.. what is his deal.. getting a little close there.

Anyway, you thought you were done with flashbacks? SWEET. SUMMER. CHILD.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #44232

Augustus is such a perv. XD

Tsukaiz June 15, 2010, 12:51 AM EDT.

Comment ID #177465

augustus is evil

jack August 17, 2011, 1:53 PM EDT.

Comment ID #209460

Like Augustus said,Daisy’s always cute ;)!

ema February 16, 2012, 10:00 AM EST.

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