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*Tess looks around anxiously as Paulo pumps his fists in glee.*
Paulo: Awesome! No homework!

*Tess smiles and gestures to her left.*
Tess: And here’s where I go right and you go left.
*Paulo looks at Tess, baffled.*
Paulo: Oh, again?

*Paulo, curious, gives Tess a genuine smile.*
Paulo: You never come through the normal way! Why are you always going down there?
Tess: Ahah..

*Paulo pouts at Tess suspiciously.*
Paulo: No, seriously, why?
*Tess holds her hands up to him and smiles awkwardly.*
Tess: It’s closer to my bus stop, that’s all!

*Paulo smiles and rubs the back of his head.*
Paulo: Well, how about I walk ya there?
*Tess smiles nervously and waves Paulo off.*
Tess: I don’t wanna give you any trouble!

Paulo: Alriiiight.. I won’t push. See you tomorrow, Tess.
*Tess smiles sweetly at Paulo as she walks away.*
Tess: Bye! ♥
*Paulo blushes and grins as he waves goodbye.*

*Tess walks down the freshman hallway alone.*

*Tess looks down at the ground.*

Jessica: Well well well!
*Tess looks up at the voice.*

*Jessica leans against the lockers with her arms crossed, scowling at Tess. Rachel fumes.*
Jessica: How pathetic! Hiding from us in the freshman hallway, huh?

Jessica: Suppose it’s only fair you take YOUR turn feeling hunted and trapped, for once.
*Tess bows her head, expressionless.*

*Jessica stands in front of Tess, hands on her hips. She stares Tess down.*
Jessica: But guess what? EVERYONE felt that way last year. What makes you think you can just run away from it all?!
*Tess is frozen, hands by her sides.*
Tess: I know..

*Tess, avoiding eye contact, smiles apologetically.*
Tess: I really didn’t mean a lot of it.. I know there’s nothing I can say, so maybe it’s best we just--

*Rachel slaps Tess across the face.*

*Rachel, full of rage, shouts at Tess.*
Rachel: My brother STILL can’t play soccer after what you and Roger did!! You think you can just hide with freshmen all year and wait for this to BLOW OVER?
*Jessica holds Rachel back, looking at her sympathetically.*
Jessica: Relax, Rachel..

Rachel: Wanna know what didn’t just blow over? HIS BROKEN ARM, you BITCH!
Jessica: Let’s go, Rach. We don’t need to stoop to her level..
*Rachel and Jessica leave as Tess collapses against a locker.*

*Tess holds herself as she cries, wiping tears.*
Tess: P-Paulo..

[A black panel.]
Tess: I’m sorry.. I hope you never have to hear about this..

Author commentary


I never expected these two girls to come back other than to be linked to Tess’ questionable past, but I am so so glad they did. Thank you Tess, for inspiring me to make Jessica and Rachel!!!

Oliver: Poor annoyingly persistent Paulo.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #161638

Hm…Interesting. I see how Tess is falling for Paulo. I hope he and Lucy end up together instead, thought. Maybe Tess can get Abbey. After all, Daisy has Augustus now…BUT FOR HOW LONG?!

NintendoSegaSonyGuy May 17, 2011, 9:07 PM EDT.

Comment ID #162308

Poor Tessa… ._.

Sango May 20, 2011, 6:04 AM EDT.

Comment ID #175382

That bitch! Oh wait. She’s a female dog. I stand by what I said!

ScrabMaster August 2, 2011, 11:25 PM EDT.

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