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*Sue, a cat wearing a plain necklace, smiles proudly.*
Sue: Come one, come all! Try my test!

*Lucy, Mike and Daisy make their way over to Sue.*
Lucy: Okay!
*David approaches Amaya, a short tabby cat in a bowtie.*
Amaya: ?

David: My hypothesis is that all high schoolers go through puberty.
*Amaya blushes deeply.*
Amaya: ?!

David: I’ll prove it by feeling your--
*Amaya smacks David.*
Lucy: How did that get approved..

*Mike turns back to Lucy. Daisy looks on jealously.*
Mike: What are you doing?
Lucy: Waiting for Sue to gather enough people.

*Yashy raises her hand.*
Yashy: Can I join or is this only for SUPERIOR species, too?
Lucy: Yashy..

Sue: Knock yourself out, Yashy!

Paulo: I’ll join.
Daisy: Ahh, me too!

*Sue clasps her hands together.*
Sue: Perfect! Five’s enough. Shall we begin?

Yashy: Five? So she counted me? Guess I matter for once!
Lucy: Oh, get over it.

Yashy: White folk ain’t gonna keep me down.
Lucy: WHAT??

Lucy: Yashy, there isn’t some kind of crusade against you!
*Yashy turns away.*
Yashy: Hmph!

*Mike snickers to himself.*

Yashy: Flea, shut up. No, shut up.
*Mike starts wobbling as his laughter grows.*

*Yashy pulls on Mike’s arm.*
Yashy: I SAID shut up! I hate your STUPID face!!

Sue: Okay, here we go!

*Sue raises her finger.*
Sue: This is an exploration of a hypothesis regarding obsessive-compulsive disorder. If one attempts to block out a “bad” thought..

*The group listens, with various levels of attention.*
Sue: .. they only make the thought more intrusive. Soooo:

Author commentary

Veronica: I love how I made Mike a giggling fool throughout this sequence. He doesn’t seem to know fear yet…

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Reader comments

Comment ID #78591

Poor Amaya, I never realized that David did that to her!

Draixen August 19, 2010, 1:38 PM EDT.

Comment ID #178950

Good ol’ freaken David is being an idiot again XD

Jinxor August 26, 2011, 8:03 AM EDT.

Comment ID #204105

“White folk Ain’t gonna keep me down” I LOVE THAT LINE. XD

dafuqkitties January 1, 2012, 12:16 PM EST.

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