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*Mike and Lucy are in class, sitting next to each other at their desks. Lucy has a pained expression on her face while Mike looks bored.*
Lucy: Nyuu, when’s school gonna eennndd!

*Yashy pops out next to Lucy, surprising her.*
Yashy: Speaking of which, shouldn’t I be in preschool now?

Mike: Wouldn’t you need a brain, first?
Yashy: Who asked YOU?!

Lucy: Why would you want to go to preschool? You’ve always been able to sit in on classes with me.

*Yashy beams at Lucy.*
Yashy: Ooh, so I’m GIFTED then?
Lucy: You could say that.

*Mike can’t contain his laughter.*
Mike: GIFTED? Gifted at disrupting every class, maybe!
Yashy: Shut up, Flea.

Lucy: Why do you care about this anyway? You’re a pet.
Yashy: What’s THAT supposed to mean?

*Mike snickers to himself.*
Mike: She means that school is no place for some Yoshi-lookin’ blob!
Yashy: WHAT?!

Yashy: I’m not no apple-eatin’ Yoshi, Flea! Shut up!!
Mike: Oh, sure, YASHY. Sure, sure.

*Yashy turns towards Lucy, indignant.*
Yashy: MOM, tell him it’s not true!
Lucy: Uhh..

*Lucy puts her finger to her mouth.*
Lucy: I was nine when I named you.. It wasn’t the most imaginative idea..
*Yashy scowls.*
Yashy: UGH.
Mike: Hee hee.

Yashy: HEY, at least I’m cooler-lookin’ than YOU, Fleabag!!

Mike: Pff, nice comeback. Preschool material, no doubt.
*Yashy angrily pouts.*
Yashy: Drop dead.

Lucy: Why are you getting on her case, Mike?

Mike: C’mon, Lucy..
Mike: Can you imagine her going to school?

Lucy: You really shouldn’t be thinking about school anyway..

Yashy: Why not?! Are you RACIST? Am I not entitled to an education?!

Mike: Maybe after you’ve grown big enough to carry us around on your back!
*Yashy waves her arms desperately.*

Author commentary

Veronica: I had a bit of a weird time trying to decide which grade I should place the characters in at the beginning of the series. Eighth grade was my eventual choice, but at this stage, their grade was kind of irrelevant. This lead to some confusion about Yashy’s age, but it’s all worked out these days. SHE’S FOUR.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #89323

Yashy is just so funny in this comic :D So is Mike here :)

Yoshi reference! :)

Mittie Jane September 10, 2010, 3:01 PM EDT.

Comment ID #152492

Why does Yashy call mike flea :question:

no time for dat March 18, 2011, 10:56 PM EDT.

Comment ID #176005

She’s four? :unsure: Then why is she such a potty-mouth?

PencilMaster August 7, 2011, 12:12 PM EDT.

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