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Author commentary

Veronica: Fun fact: I was actually planning to make Paulo really ruthless with Lucy in the original script because I thought it would be “out of character” for him to be nice, but Souppy thought that Paulo would be a nice guy if someone really did come desperate for his help. Which is true! So it’s funny that I was initially gonna stereotype him or something. He was a little meaner in “Pick me up” but that should be natural because Lucy wasn’t really going crazy.

In other news Souppy wants me to paste this from my DA journal that is coming up soon! No pressure on any of you guys, and much love to Blaze for all your help! Seriously, thanks for your promotion ;___; I honestly appreciate it and I wish I could do more..:

It would help if I got 3 or 4 reviews on the BCB Webcomic List page. It would be great if anybody could review me on it, good or bad - you need to sign up I think but it’s not very hard to do. It might help get the ranking up if you click the link through this page, too!

Additionally, less important but equally cool would be if I got one or two reviews on the BCB Webcomicz page. It’s not as important as TWCL (above), but I plan on trying them out for ads and if someone other than me describes what the comic is about, it probably will seem more appealing!

Too much work? Both of those require typing, but these don’t - try voting for BCB on Top Webcomics, voting for it on Webcomicz (look under actions on the right sidebar), or joining Webcomicz as a user and faving it. These aren’t super great ways of promoting the comic but they help - kind of like “free” banner display, in Top Webcomics’ case, for instance. But the reviews would be lovely!

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Reader comments

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Daww..that’s so cute. I always liked Paulo, even if he was a jerk in the beginning. It’s nice to see him be very adorable and sweet. The way that Lucy looked at Paulo when he said, in the last few panels made me really wonder, “Will Lucy ACTUALLY stop being sadface, get over Mike and go with Paulo?” I was always MikexLucy but now I’m starting to lean towards LucyxPaulo.

I’ve been reading these comics from start till now and I’ve been enjoying seeing the characters develop. You’re doing a nice job, Taeshi. Keep it up. XD;

Also TBH, this is one of the few webcomics I’ll read, too. so yea. I’m really enjoying it~

Kat March 3, 2010, 12:53 PM EST.

Comment ID #947

Amazing day, your awful username belies a great ability to write great reviews! I found that really compelling. I am glad that we have a few reviews up now, but of course more would help, even if they were short and less-than-indepth!

The votes are going well too. I wonder if the site can make it to the top 100 of topwebcomics? That way I can gauge if the traffic is worthwhile or not. Onwards to 120 votes!

SuitCase March 4, 2010, 1:18 AM EST.

Comment ID #948

I must admit, the last line made me snicker, since it came from Paulo.

Tuna March 4, 2010, 4:03 AM EST.

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