6. Flying Lessons, original chapter posted 6/9/06

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Chirpy: But Mommy! You’ve got wings like me, right?
*Yashy sighs.*
Yashy: I’ll never get used to you calling me that.

*Mike smirks.*
Mike: You should try. You’d have all the style and grace of a rubber ball.
*Yashy shakes her fist in anger, while Chirpy mimics her.*
Yashy: I’d like to see you try, Fleabag!
Chirpy: Try, try!

Yashy: Look, I’m not a bird, Chirps. Some things are just different about us. I can watch you, though.
Chirpy: Okay..

*Chirpy flies into a nearby tree.*

Chirpy: Look, it’s easy! Watch and you’ll be flyin’ in no time!
Yashy: Whatever you say!

*Yashy looks on with affection.*

*Yashy closes her eyes and recalls a scene from the past.*
Yashy (narrating): I guess I’m the closest thing to a mom she’s got..

[Caption: Two years ago]
*Mike leans back against a tree.*
Mike: What a relaxing day..

*Lucy reaches down from a branch to tap Mike.*
Lucy: Tag, you’re..

*Mike quickly leaps into the tree and pokes Lucy instead.*
Lucy: .. it.

*Lucy yells.*
Lucy: Hey!
Mike: You know there’s no point trying to outrun me!

*Lucy shoves Mike off the branch.*
Lucy: I’ll get you one day. Just wait.

*Mike lands on all fours.*

*Lucy hops out of the tree.*
Lucy: NOW you’re it, jerkface!

*Mike shoves Lucy back.*
Lucy: Yeeeek!
Mike: Gotcha!

*Lucy chases Mike into the distance while Yashy climbs into a sandbox.*
Lucy: Oh, so you’re gonna shove me? Wanna hear what my foot has to say about that?
Mike: Hahaha!
Yashy: ?

*Yashy turns around, worried.*
Yashy: Mommy?

Author commentary

Veronica: “Flying Lessons” is a reworking of a chapter made for the original run of BCB comics on DeviantArt. When BCB was moved to its own site and chapters were redrawn aand reshuffled for the 2011 publication of Volume One, this chapter, called “Chirpy’s Introduction” back then, didn’t make the cut. But now it’s back and BETTER THAN EVER!!! It returns with a vengeance.

So much roughhousing!!

Oliver: This chapter taught me one of those grammatical lessons that takes forever to force into your brain for some reason — how to capitalise mom! You see, it’s lower case if you’re talking about moms as a concept, but Mom if you’re using it as a name for your choice of mom. Easy!

If I made a mistake and printed thousands of books with the mistake in it, please don’t tell me about it.

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