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*Daisy shouts to her classmates.*
Daisy: Hey, everybody! Gather ’round!

Daisy: I’ve got an important question to ask!
*Everyone looks at Daisy, with curious expressions.*

*Daisy looks down at a piece of paper in her hands.*
Daisy: I’ve been put in charge of planning the Spring Dance, and I need to gather some information first!

Mike: Ahh.. the farewell dance.. it came so soon..
*Lucy puts a hand to her cheek as Yashy looks on from her arms.*
Lucy: I can’t believe eighth grade is almost over..

Daisy: So.. what’s your favorite kind of music?
Daisy: I’ll put the most popular choices on the playlist. Give me some examples!

*David appears very excited.*
David: WEIRD AL!!

*Paulo and others look on unimpressed as David waits for their agreement.*

Paulo: Dude. What are you? 7?
*David’s eyes go small as his smile begins to fade.*

*David sweats in embarrassment, covering his face with his hand.*
David: Err.. I mean.. somethin’ raunchy. With a lot of innuendo. Music about hoes and stuff.

*Daisy makes notes on her paper.*
Daisy: Okay, one for generic crappy rap music. Next?

*Sue clasps her hands while Amaya nods in agreement.*
Sue: Surely we should have some romantic music!

*Paulo crosses his arms.*
Paulo: No way! Everyone’s looking for something to grind to! Don’t kill the vibe with corny kissy-kissy stuff!

*Another student, dressed in a serape and sombrero, appears with confetti.*
Male student: ¡No! ¡Merengue! ¡Bachatas!

*A student dressed as a magical girl appears with sparkles.*
Female student: Utada Hikaru! Or BoA, kekeke~ “Every Heart” is kawaiiful-desu~ ♥

*Katie appears, hands on her hips.*
Katie: Eww! Like, no! How about something normal like Justin Timberlake??
*Stacy pops out from the corner.*
Stacy: Fer shure!

*Daisy makes a thoughtful expression, and taps the pencil against her cheek.*
Daisy: Wow.. that’s a lot of artists and genres.
Daisy: Is there, um, anyone else I should keep in mind?

*Daisy looks at Mike with an adoring gaze. He’s standing beside Lucy.*
Daisy: ♥ Oh, Mikie! I forgot to ask you! ♥
*Mike is embarrassed by the sudden attention.*
Mike: Guh

*Yashy, held by Lucy, glares angrily at Daisy.*
Yashy: Stupid whore and her Flea fetish! Now she’s coming this way!
*Mike and Lucy look embarrassed and annoyed.*
Mike and Lucy: She’s just doing her job, Yashy.

Author commentary

Veronica: This is the first comic I drew on a completely new notebook, dedicated to BCB. This could also be seen as the first comic where I decide to put more effort in.. and also the first comic where I decided that this series will officially be a running one, and not just one-offs. By this time, I was putting in little bits of information I hadn’t thought about previously.. like their ages, their grade, the works. The only possible inaccuracy at this point is characters heights. Ah well!

“Flea fetish” makes me laugh a lot.

Oliver: Fun fact! This is the oldest BCB page we still have an original of. The older grid pages before it were damaged and thrown out in a flood! All that remained were very low quality scans from 2006… which until this total remaking, were upsampled and cleaned up as best we could.

Now it’s all fresh! And we’re in a new era of multi-chapter plot development. How thrilling!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #136312

Amaya. Never talking, but always saying things.

Hoheh December 12, 2010, 6:14 PM EST.

Comment ID #145765

Romantic music, like the 1812 overture!

What? There is nothing more beautiful than a cannon exploding. Well, mebe a cement truck.

GoodBurger February 6, 2011, 1:39 AM EST.

Comment ID #206168

Yeah! Every Heart! Inuyasha FTW!

Random Internet Loser January 20, 2012, 1:10 AM EST.

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