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Veronica: Otakon was a blast, thank you so much to those that came to say hello!! I felt really good about it all ;____; All the kind words and everything, thank youuuuu!! I hope we can attend next year, we will try our best!!!

In the meantime, Intervention is in about two weeks!! You should.. come say hello...

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@Jannnne: Because she is the only person he doesn’t want to judge him or see him as just the crude annoying persona he puts up with others. She is like a little sister to him and normal people don’t want to look like a bad person to their little sister, which is why he shows her his true insecure inner self, which is rather embarrassing to someone like Paulo who pretends he is confident in most situations.

It is embarrassing to say ‘I think I’m just going to end up nowhere as a nobody’ to someone you care about. So of course Paulo would blush in this situation, especially if someone suddenly interrupted because your first thought would be ‘did they hear any of that oh dear God what if they did’.

Moogle August 12, 2014, 1:21 PM EST.

Comment ID #285205

Did anyone notice on panel 4; the difference in the ground where Abbey is and where Daisy is? This could be nothing, but I think it’s @Taeshi’s very clever use of symbolism.

Think about it; Abbey was at a happiness highpoint when he was with Daisy. Yeah, they had a bit of a falling out, but by in large, she stood by him and supported him. His life was better when he & Daisy were together thus, proving my point: In the gloomy garden of Abbey’s life, The grass will always be greener when he has a little Daisy to brighten it up.

Say what you will, but Abbey x Daisy Forever!!! :love: :love: :love:

kaminari683 August 12, 2014, 2:25 PM EST.

Comment ID #285213

Thanks, IcedFlower!

You know how when you change something for the better, everything old looks kind of terrible to you? That’s how we feel about the quasi-humanoid proportions from before. Geez, it’s uncanny and ugly. The current look is so much truer to the character designs and resolves a long-standing concern that came about in the summer vacation arc and never really went away after that. Clearly, many still like the aesthetic of anthropomorphic characters in human proportions (well.. semi-human, their heads were always big) but unfortunately we don’t, and it’s why the anatomy of the comic was never consistent. We were always restless, fighting for some kind of cartoony floppiness without ever taking the full step forward.

We do kinda hope to bring all you guys kicking and screaming with us. My best memory of that happening in the past was Vero’s effort to divorce herself from anime stock expressions, which many saw as an ugly choice. (Many still do, they’re the ones who prefer the “expressive” stockfacey art style from Volume One.) But it’s just one of those things. I think it’s best for artists to make what pleases them, and I hope you can agree even if you’re not totally on board with the choice to make the characters look cuter.

As a separate issue (that I think gets a bit less attention than the proportions) the current style really does take too much time, and it’s increasingly apparent that there’s no easy way to keep things traditional while doing coloured lineart of varying weight. So we’re thinking about what’s most efficient. Certain things that are artistically important to us will always stick (e.g. the polarising cartoony look) but we need to work out a way to fit other projects in Veronica’s work schedule, as right now keeping up with this site’s update schedule is nearly the only thing she does in her life — and as you have seen from the past, 3 days a week is not where we want to be.

SuitCase August 12, 2014, 7:47 PM EST.

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