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    Paulo, TrappedLikeCats_(Artist)

    Paulo TrappedLikeCats_(Artist) (1416x1879, 549.5KB)

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    luv that somali kid

    TrappedLikeCats 3 years ago.

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    !!! This vaguely looks like the style from a pretty old comic, cheap thrills, it's the eyes and head i think.

    Oso-De-Clare 3 years ago.

    Augustus, Derodee_(Artist)

    Augustus Derodee_(Artist) (774x1032, 221.9KB)

    Comment ID #64332

    love how you did his nose and eyes!

    Oso-De-Clare 3 years ago.

    January_Stream, Jasmine, Taeshi_(Artist)

    January_Stream Jasmine Taeshi_(Artist) (900x550, 94.7KB)

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    For clarification, those are NOT jasmine stones. She is looking at flowers.

    MissH 3 years ago.

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    LeoStargazer 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64323

    Cuuuuute! I love Jazzy.

    wyrmfall 3 years ago.

    Augustus, BAR_(Artist), parody

    Augustus BAR_(Artist) parody (1000x750, 91.9KB)

    Comment ID #64320

    Okay I don't know how to change the size of my BCB crossover illustrations to the size thats currently scaled down but I do at least know how to change the sizes on DeviantArt and on a Converting Image website or whatever else, but its a BCB fan illustration I wanted to post here on CandyBooru the moment I posted it on my Tumblr blog which I have setup for myself four months ago, and I forgot to post this here today, this BCB illustration features a trio of famous internet-cats that people know today on the internet, here we have Augustus, Grumpy Cat, and Sheen the Cat-Dog hybrid from the animated Buddy Comedy series: The BedFellows, and may favorite BedFellows episode that I thought was funny and catchy was Sheen's heavy metal rapping ;) it was fun drawing these eponymous Internet-Kitties that people know today, I hope you Internet-Cat lovers out there like what they see? 8-)

    BAR 3 years ago.

    Augustus, Masumi_(Artist), Melanie

    Augustus Masumi_(Artist) Melanie (493x521, 122.9KB)

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    Augustus is such a cutie, love how sheepish he looks!

    Taeshi 3 years ago.

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    Anialator 3 years ago.

    BCI_Stream, Daisy, David, Katie, Lucy, Mike, Stacy, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist)

    BCI_Stream Daisy David Katie Lucy Mike Stacy Sue Taeshi_(Artist) (700x541, 64.5KB)

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    what? :question:

    Comment ID #62185

    He's the fool! XD

    afarawayoment 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #62200

    i don't understand..but at the same time i think i do..

    HunterKiotori 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #62230

    I am so confused :question: :question:

    PepeLePew 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #62271

    Guys, it's supposed to symbolize Mike's virginity.
    It might be allusion to a different painting, but I'm not sure which.

    DestinyofAwe 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #62297

    I might be wrong, but I think this might be a Mike tarot card for the fool! I'm probably wrong.

    Great sketch!

    Liquid_Pencil 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #64317

    I requested Mike as the tarot fool. He is walking off the cliff of being a virgin forever and all those who would save him from that fate watch in horror.

    David is the dog, who usually tries to warn the fool and hold him from falling off the cliff. the dog represents the fool not listening to advice.

    I am not an expert at all the tarot stuff, just dated a few who were really into it.

    UbAh 3 years ago.

    January_Stream, Justin, Mike, Taeshi_(Artist)

    January_Stream Justin Mike Taeshi_(Artist) (900x550, 84.1KB)

    Comment ID #64313

    Pulling him over for being a dog. tale as old as time.

    Daffyhat 3 years ago.

    Augustus, BlazingT08_(Artist)

    Augustus BlazingT08_(Artist) (700x500, 153.8KB)

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    FPhoenix 3 years ago.

    Augustus, Daisy, January_Stream, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Augustus Daisy January_Stream Taeshi_(Artist) (1280x968, 378.8KB)

    Comment ID #64301

    Daisy is rocking the roller skate look for sure.

    bluefox 3 years ago.

    excellent, Feyaden_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, parody, pixel_art

    Feyaden_(Artist) Lucy Mike excellent parody pixel_art (483x435, 5.6KB)

    Comment ID #64214

    Taeshi is a boss, she can draw for like 20 hours straight, and she ain't afraid to show her love for pokemon. During the stream, the topic of my pixel-art obsession came up, and souppy was falling asleep, so Taeshi told us to ask questions.

    I asked, of all the old school games, what pixel art style from a video game did she like the best.

    Pokemon Blue-Red style. Unfortunately, I failed at the style, fortunately, it looks good anyway.

    Feyaden 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64215

    This is pretty darn cool.

    Phaeton 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64216

    Tsundere trainer wants to battle

    7 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64217

    This is really cool all right. I like the way you pixeled Lucy she looks all cute and happy because shes going to crush mike.

    bluefox 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64218

    Looking Awesome that was a fun stream

    baron_von_jiggly 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64219

    They look really cool, you did a excellent job on them. Makes me want to see a BCB sprite hack for Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

    SCD 3 years ago.

    Comment ID #64299

    Hey, didn't see all the comments explode on this ^^. After Taeshi stream I wandered over into the "adult" section of Picarto, and now one of those artist wants me on his channel doing live streams of pixel art. Might not do it, but I will probably open up a dev-art now that I am starting a new life with non-adult themed art ^^. Already done 3 collabs since then :)

    Feyaden 3 years ago.

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