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Candybooru image #12069, tagged with Abbey Alegria Alejandro Augustus AugustusxLucy Chris David Draw_Stream Lucy Melanie Mia Mike Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody


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Part two of the quick sketches from our Kickstarter countdown stream!

SuitCase on March 7, 2017.

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1.Movie popcorn now taste better thanks to David.
2.Melanie got her revenge.
3.Abbey and Paulo are now even.
4.David meeting a real dog.
5.David giving Abbey a throat chop.
6.Alegria is getting very uncomfortable.
7.Oh my god! They killed Lucy! You bastard!
8.Giant Mia attacking Roseville.
9.Paulo being a jerk.
10.Sam is going to bury Augustus alive after seeing this on TV.
11.The main law of Roseville.
12.Chris wants Lucy to be his girlfriend, not his brother's girlfriend.
13.Augustus discovering what real food taste like.
14.I tawt I taw a puddy tat!
Cool sketches Taeshi.

SCD on March 7, 2017.

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You go Chris!

Rateus on March 8, 2017.

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Yaaay Chris!! So keut <3

TravelPastel on March 8, 2017.

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Lol, I want to swim in popcorn like David >3<

TravelPastel on March 8, 2017.