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Oh, someone please help me. I messed up my own character on the first panel! Haha, well, I guess that happens when you can hardly even remember what you had for breakfast. Actually, did I have breakfast? Anyway, I wanted to use the old template, because I thought it'd be fun to see just how much I've grown as an artist. All in all, I think I grew a lot in just under 10 years! ^v^

DurpCat on July 22, 2021.

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omg luigis so cute

theoktony on July 22, 2021.

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these are some excellent giraffes!!!

it’s incredible seeing the evolution, what a cool idea to redo this 10 years later! your style is really appealing!

SuitCase on July 22, 2021.

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as a fellow furry and artist , i am really loving all the different styles of art your doing owo

Thundefair on July 23, 2021.

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Is Deep Roots on Webtoons the one about the yam and the potato?

Ema_Nekaf on July 24, 2021.

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@badean1952 Yes, it is! It’s a dorky little comic, but I have a lot of fun making it. :)

DurpCat on July 25, 2021.