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*Lucy looks away, blushing.*
Lucy: Uhh, yeah. I’m good, thanks.
Mike: Mm.

*Mike glares at Paulo.*

Mike: Skateboarding’s not allowed here, Paulo!
*David looks fretful.*
David: Really?!
Paulo: Cry me a river, pansy. Give ’er back.

David: But Paulo, we don’t wanna anger park rangers..

*David stares at Paulo with bloodshot eyes.*
David: They’ll call the PARK BEARS

*David runs off, carrying Paulo.*

*Mike and Lucy watch them leave.*

*Lucy glances at Mike’s workbook.*
Lucy: Umm.. so you saw Daisy already?
Mike: Hah, yeah.

Mike: Feels like everyone’s in a rush today.

*Lucy looks up at Mike.*

Mike: Did I miss anything?

[The artwork shifts into a monochrome grid style.]

Lucy: .. Nah.
Mike: Good!

Mike: Hey, wanna come hang out with me? The ice cream place opens early today! Unless you’re not in the mood..

*Lucy turns towards the sky, watching the wind blow by.*

*Lucy smiles to herself.*

Lucy: Nah. That’s exactly what I wanted.

Author commentary

Veronica: And so it begins…

The original first 40-or-so chapters were drawn on lined paper in pencil in a grid comic format. You’ll see in the pages to continue the fully-redrawn pages from this format. I wanted to keep the style nostalgic and simple while also giving it a bit of modern appeal.

I really like the pink colour scheme, rose-tinted you might say…

Anyway, thanks for reading!!

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Reader comments

Comment ID #13

This chapter is amazing. I like it a lot and the way you were able to introduce all the main characters in such a limited amount of pages was great. Especially since the personalities were amazingly defined. I liked the fact that you made the art move back into the shadeless and box like style of the beginning. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this comic, but I’ve loved it for years.

Keep it up!

SereneHeaven November 3, 2009, 12:21 AM EST.

Comment ID #59110

David, you never cease to make me laugh. Not at all XD

This is a great chapter to start off BCB

I love the way panels 12-17 are done. Going way back to ‘06. :)

Mittie Jane July 12, 2010, 10:16 PM EDT.

Comment ID #139659

and then this is the begining of emotional spirals and confusion that can only be described as teenage drama.

Mira December 30, 2010, 1:11 PM EST.

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