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*Abbey and Paulo sit at the lunch table. Paulo has a cocky grin, sharing some kind of story.*
Paulo: Okay, and so I says to her, I says--
*Abbey folds his arms, looking sullen.*

*Abbey looks up, concerned.*
Abbey: She’s missing again today. Am I the only one who ever notices?
*Paulo sneers.*
Paulo: I didn’t say THAT.

Mike: You mean Daisy? Maybe she has extra work to do.
*Mike shrugs uncertainly. Lucy, sitting beside him, rests her head on her hand with her eyes closed.*

*Abbey clenches his fists in frustration and shakes his head.*
Abbey: No! She doesn’t! I know it!

*Paulo looks at Abbey, unimpressed.*
Paulo: What are you, her obsessive stalker?
*Abbey turns to Paulo angrily.*
Abbey: I’d rather be obsessive than apathetic LIKE YOU!!

*Paulo looks taken aback.*
Paulo: What?!
*Abbey puts a fist on the table, scowling derisively.*
Abbey: Oh, sorry. Am I not making sense? Allow me to speak YOUR language!

*Abbey raises his hands dramatically, doing a poor impression of Paulo.*
Abbey: You just.. don’t give a damn about that hoe!
*Paulo stares at Abbey in stunned silence.*

*Paulo lunges at Abbey, shaking his fist.*
Paulo: What the hell are you getting at?!
*Abbey crosses his arms, looking irritated. McCain passes in the background.*

McCain: He’s calling you a hormonal imbecile.
*McCain walks off, leaving Paulo and Abbey stunned.*

*Paulo shouts after McCain.*
*Abbey sticks his hand up in the hair, vindicated.*
Abbey: Thank you!

*Lucy frowns.*
Lucy: She’s hanging with that older kid.
*Mike looks to her, surprised.*
Mike: Who?

*Tess, Paulo and Abbey lean forward, curious to hear more.*
Tess: Older kid?!

*Tess looks fearful.*
Tess: The black and white one?!
Lucy: The guy in the coat, yeah. Why? You know him?

*Abbey listens, looking deeply concerned.*
Tess: I.. I.. just don’t trust him, alright?
Lucy: He was a little weird..

*Tess crosses her arms.*
Tess: I hope she knows what she’s getting into..
*Paulo notices Abbey, who’s scowling.*
Paulo: ..?

*Abbey’s claws scrape deep marks into the table.*
Tess: I just worry he’s going to use her.

Mike: Relax, Tess..
*Paulo looks bewildered, sweat dripping off his face.*
Paulo: .. um, Abbey?

*The sun shines outside.*
Mike: She can take care of herself. She won’t do anything stupid.. she’s pretty responsible like that.
Tess: That’s true, Mike..

Author commentary

Veronica: Welcome to yet another installment of BCB! i herd you like drama so here’s some drama with your drama

Abbey has been shown to have a bit of a short fuse in previous chapters, but now it’s getting a little scary..

Isn’t it sweet that Abbey wants Paulo to care more about Daisy rather than selfishly wanting her all to himself? He cares about Daisy’s happiness!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

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UNIT2960 April 22, 2010, 9:29 PM EDT.

Comment ID #127854

Abbey’s just awesome. Don’t give a damn ‘bout that ho, son!

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 11:30 AM EST.

Comment ID #214439

you dont gve a damn about that ho! gets me everytime XD

Maishul April 15, 2012, 6:19 PM EDT.

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