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Author commentary

Veronica: God, Lucy’s expression in panel 8.. what a tragedy.

Not in terms of the art, it’s just a tragedy for her to try to make light of Mike being someone not worth picking, but we all know how she feels about him. It’s almost like she’s struggling to make that joke because she doesn’t want to become too vulnerable to him. Especially right now. When he’s pining for another girl.

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Just finished binging through the first volume of BCB.
Took me like… 3 days to do? Damn.
While the pacing and art quality was all over the place it’s still pretty charming watching the art quality gradually improve throughout it, and actually reading Volume 1 really does give Mike’s actions in the later chapters (specifically December, which still apparently people are still salty as FUCK over) more understandable and justifiable. In fact it makes the conflict leading up to December seem more neutral, like taking either Mike or Lucy’s side in it is justifiable but also able to be argued against. Kudos to Taeshi and Souppy for not making it completely black and white. (Although one thing I have noticed is that people who favor Lucy tend to be a hell of a lot more volatile.)
Does kinda suck that all that is missed out on if you just skip Volume 1 and […]

Tumblr: rumblrbumblrgumblr March 12, 2016

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Fun fact: This is actually the first page from this comic that I’ve ever seen
There’s no better introduction to BCB than David’s silliness tbh

Tumblr: rumblrbumblrgumblr March 12, 2016

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