Dial Tone — Page 22

Author commentary

Veronica: God, Lucy’s expression in panel 8.. what a tragedy.

Not in terms of the art, it’s just a tragedy for her to try to make light of Mike being someone not worth picking, but we all know how she feels about him. It’s almost like she’s struggling to make that joke because she doesn’t want to become too vulnerable to him. Especially right now. When he’s pining for another girl.

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Comments from around the web

Man when Mike cries he really goes full Tobey Maguire with it.

Tumblr: migbird March 12, 2016

Tumblr image
When are cats NOT cats?  When they’re dragons!
Posted this to BCB’s Candybooru too! When I found out Taeshi had never finished the Lunar games, this leaped to mind and didn’t let go.  (If the residents of Roseville could actually spout fire, there’d be nothing left…!)
Thanks for the awesome comic Taeshi!  And may you find time to play these games again soon! :D

Tumblr: ryukodragon March 12, 2016

I really hope that Mike has a complete change of heart after this and does the right thing and apologizes to Lucy and maybe takes it more casually with Sandy?

Tumblr: twee-lil-lass March 13, 2016

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