100. High Expectations, page posted 2/5/18

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High Expectations — Page 21

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Veronica: Good talk.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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i think is starting to understand,atleast a bit,how bad he’s being now

Tumblr: that-one-undertale-fan-guy February 5, 2018

pffhf a bunch of rambling about parallels between my life & mike’s below the cut; aka “why i defend mike all the time”, aka “please stop being mean to him, he’s just an idiot”the thing is, i still REALLY STRONGLY relate to Mike… like i, too, was once the person who was “the nice one” & literally everyone’s top compliment for me was how nice i was. i was like that thru like sophomore year of high school, and then i was Fuckin Sick Of It. because people love to fawn over how nice you are when you put everyone else first, and it’s nice for a while but at some point ur ALWAYS putting someone else first & not taking care of yourself. and that wears on a person! 
Mike definitely held that position of, like, doormat // nice dude. People fawned over him for a variety of reasons (not only was he really nice, he also was really good at […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws February 5, 2018

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