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High Expectations — Page 23

Author commentary

Veronica: I mean.. we all know how Daisy would react to this..

.. and this is exactly why Lucy needs to keep Augustus away from her LMAO

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Two things that I forgot
1-that this comic existed and updated
2-paulo’s predicament here in this moment
Also,uh oh,things are bad,really,REALLY bad!

Tumblr: that-one-undertale-fan-guy February 9, 2018

I’m interested with what Lucy has to say in her (and perhaps Augustus’s) defense.  I’m expecting an “Augustus was there when nobody else was” retort though I really hope that another thing that gets brought up is how long ago the stuff with Augustus happened.
And don’t get me wrong- time can never undo the bad stuff you’ve done.  But just like with Augustus, Lucy has a past of doing regrettable and hurtful things.  In the end, you can only try to live as a better person.  And personally?  I think that’s what Lucy has been trying to do ever since returning.
So I hope that she makes the argument that she has learned to move on with her life- to stop hating herself and being violent towards people- and that she has stopped letting over people’s opinions dictate what she does with her life.

Tumblr: luvkirby4ever February 10, 2018

 After having re-read a lot of the comic [since I got the first three volumes in physical copy recently]; My only question is….When and why did Mike suddenly decide he couldn’t have Lucy in his life anymore?I’ve been wanting to do a sort of time line for Mike and Lucy…This turned out to be long so Imma put it under a cut and I’ve made certain points in bold as a tldr of the specific bullet point.Edit- I’m stopping the time line at Acapulco trip because that’s when it was we see […]

Tumblr: princexxmizeerie February 11, 2018

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