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High Expectations — Page 23

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Veronica: I mean.. we all know how Daisy would react to this..

.. and this is exactly why Lucy needs to keep Augustus away from her LMAO

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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paulo does have a point…
but he also doesn’t have all of the information.
like, yes. augustus did that. and that was a bad thing to do like HOLY SHIT. and no, his tragic backstory doesn’t excuse it (as much as it may explain how his thought process got that fucked).
but here’s the other thing: as much as i am a fan of people owning up to their actions, i’m also a proponent of the belief that no one is irredeemable. people can grow and change and better themselves. augustus is trying. augustus saved lucy’s life. and, for the first time in his entire life, augustus is getting the help he so desperately needs. even daisy said she wanted him to get that help - just, for obvious reasons, not from her.
so, i can see both lucy and paulo’s perspectives. maybe if they talked to each other without being hotheads, this could get resolved without so much extra drama… buuuut i doubt it. :P

Tumblr: solitairedeere February 11, 2018

Tumblr image
A few things of note here:One: The way violence is treated in his comic has changed over time. At one point it was seen as normal to punch someone so hard they made them bleed, or strangle a cat long enough for two other cats to have a short conversation. Where the only real danger or violence that was outside of school in the far reaches of town out by a bar. (might make another post of the how seriously the violence is taken over time, it would be a good topic)Two: These aren’t occurrences of Mike defending himself like he did with Lucy. Paulo brings up Sandy in ways Mike doesn’t agree with and is prone to attack.Three: Paulo is trying to improve himself and it shows in the last image. He isn’t saying awful things about what he would if met Sandy, or saying she isn’t real. He is saying “ Unlike Sandy, we here will actually talk to you.” He doesn’t say it perfectly, because he is a teen who is still learning.

Tumblr: puns4puppies February 11, 2018

you know as long as i’ve been keeping up with bcb i only recently thought about the fact that my grandma’s name is sandy and her partially deaf wife is named lucy

Tumblr: ectoboy February 11, 2018

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