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High Expectations — Page 24

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Veronica: I kept reading “I don’t care anymore” in Haruko’s dub voice :l; Fits the right kind of annoyed apathy.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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i hope that augustus points out that maybe she should give them all another chance, her just shutting everyone except him out is super unhealthy

Tumblr: miaaa-cs February 12, 2018

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You were there when no one else wasI posted this on Candybooru yesterday and I recieved so much unexpected support from people + I really liked this drawing so oop Imma post it hereflies away

Tumblr: havocarius February 13, 2018

i’ve seen a lotta posts about ppl not really getting why Mike hates Lucy so much, so im gonna… try and tackle the question myself & see if i can figure anythin outfirst off, Mike definitely cares about Lucy. she was his best friend for yeeeaars, and they both really cared for each other, and he clearly really misses that. 
i think, from what i can glean from the comic, that he didn’t really mind how prickly she was for the most part. when he was in a good mood, he knew that it was all surface-level aggression, and that underneath she genuinely cared about Mike and his wellbeing. he often gave as good as he got in their verbal spats. 
that being said, he never, everrrr physically hurt her. he was always on the receiving end of any punches, kicks, slaps, whatever. and i think he was a little less cool with that part. he glossed over it, because he was running with […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws February 13, 2018

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