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High Expectations — Page 24

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Veronica: I kept reading “I don’t care anymore” in Haruko’s dub voice :l; Fits the right kind of annoyed apathy.

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One thing that really annoys me about mike’s character though? Is the way he still seems to care whether Lucy clings to someone else. 
He passive aggressively says a guilt-tripy thing when he finds out that Lucy tried to sleep with Paulo [”So much for your tender confession…. That was a quick rebound, make you feel better?”]. He calls her pathetic when he sees her hanging out with Augustus, and annoyed when he sees Augustus at the library the night Mike and Lucy have to work on an essay project together.Like, Mike. Why the fuck do you care what she does? You don’t want her in your life, so WHY DO YOU CAREEEE

Tumblr: princexxmizeerie February 12, 2018

i hope that augustus points out that maybe she should give them all another chance, her just shutting everyone except him out is super unhealthy

Tumblr: miaaa-cs February 12, 2018

Tumblr image
You were there when no one else wasI posted this on Candybooru yesterday and I recieved so much unexpected support from people + I really liked this drawing so oop Imma post it hereflies away

Tumblr: havocarius February 13, 2018

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