High Expectations — Page 23
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Veronica: mmm

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THAT’s…….. fair, honestly. he definitely gets the most obvious repercussions for his garbage actions in the comic (though Lucy and Mike could possibly be jockeyed in with equal levels of non-obvious negative repercussions: suicide attempt vs friend attempted suicide bc of you & all ur friends take her side).  I definitely think that ssssome of the recent repercussions (ive typed this word out three times now and originally misspelled it every time so im gonna stop saying it now LOL) […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws February 9, 2018

I’m interested with what Lucy has to say in her (and perhaps Augustus’s) defense.  I’m expecting an “Augustus was there when nobody else was” retort though I really hope that another thing that gets brought up is how long ago the stuff with Augustus happened.
And don’t get me wrong- time can never undo the bad stuff you’ve done.  But just like with Augustus, Lucy has a past of doing regrettable and hurtful things.  In the end, you can only try to live as a better person.  And personally?  I think that’s what Lucy has been trying to do ever since returning.
So I hope that she makes the argument that she has learned to move on with her life- to stop hating herself and being violent towards people- and that she has stopped letting over people’s opinions dictate what she does with her life.

Tumblr: luvkirby4ever February 10, 2018

Tumblr image
A few things of note here:One: The way violence is treated in his comic has changed over time. At one point it was seen as normal to punch someone so hard they made them bleed, or strangle a cat long enough for two other cats to have a short conversation. Where the only real danger or violence that was outside of school in the far reaches of town out by a bar. (might make another post of the how seriously the violence is taken over time, it would be a good topic)Two: These aren’t occurrences of Mike defending himself like he did with Lucy. Paulo brings up Sandy in ways Mike doesn’t agree with and is prone to attack.Three: Paulo is trying to improve himself and it shows in the last image. He isn’t saying awful things about what he would if met Sandy, or saying she isn’t real. He is saying “ Unlike Sandy, we here will actually talk to you.” He doesn’t say it perfectly, because he is a teen who is still learning.

Tumblr: puns4puppies February 11, 2018

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